Global Warming and Climate Change do not require more Big Government Laws and Regulations - Our nation and the planet is not in imminent danger of man-made Carbon Dioxide pollution or Ocean Rises - Snow will not soon be a thing of the past as claimed by Al Gore and United Nation scientists who claim any temperature rise is due to man made global warming caused by the greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels - a claim unsupported by any scientific evidence.  Posturing politicians pretenses about global warming don't stand up to scientific facts.
Details at

Here's PROOF Obama may be insane, but he has magical powers. Obama has turned the tides of the Oceans rise. For 20 thousand years the seas have been rising. The ocean rises became less as humans entered the industrial ages, but still continued. With Obama's election the sea levels are not supposed to continue their rise. Obama is a great and wonderful leader. Not since Moses has there been a leader able to make the waters recede. 

Click here for Al Gores Epic Poem of Global Warming

Posturing politicians pretenses about global warming don't stand up to scientific facts.

David Carlson of the International Polar Year (IPY) says scientists must do more work. The International Council for Science (ICSU) will do a scientific probe Arctic Antarctic. The International Polar Year IPY scientists Council for Science ICSU scientific probe Arctic Antarctic

Despite the claims of some posturing politicians about Global Warming, the truth is that scientists are fully aware of the lack of factual evidence about warming.

World scientists still need to define the facts about the threat of flooding faced by millions of people from America to Asia.  Facts DO show that  global warming, today and in the past (even before humans were here) melts the polar ice caps.  But it is not for certain that the effects of humans warming this planet now is any worse (or better) than the cycles of global warming that took place in the past.

A major coordinated study of the Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets of today -- and the past -- must develop facts before world leaders can intelligently offer courses of action.

David Carlson, head of International Polar Year (IPY) said "We want (scientists) to be more prescriptive."

A two year study, announced by the International Council for Science (ICSU), will be the first coordinated, worldwide, scientific probe into the ice-bound ends of the earth under the onslaught of climate change. ICSU is a non-governmental organization whose members include the national science academies of 103 countries.

Carlson said that scientists feel they "do not know enough."'

Scientists claim the earth's temperature will rise by at least two degrees centigrade this century.  Some scientists and politicians claim this temperature rise is exclusively due to greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels for transport and electricity, other scientists and politicians say the effect of humans is well below anything caused by natural cyclical warmings. 

The always trustworthy and incorruptible United Nations' politician's reported that up to 50 million people could become environmental refugees from floods and famines due to climate change within five years.  It was unclear if this was a scientific report or a plea for more money transfers to the United Nations.

Whatever politicians say cannot be trusted.  We need politically independent scientists to determine the actual facts.

Carlson is not worried that the scientists might enter the political arena where -- as was illustrated earlier this year in Britain's struggle to get the Group of Eight to agree a climate action plan -- landmines await the unwary.

Right up to the last minute at the July G8 summit in Scotland, U.S. President George W. Bush's officials were stating that global warming was a natural not a man-made phenomenon -- and they even questioned whether it was happening at all.

But it is not just rising sea levels that are at stake.

The melting of the Arctic ice caps will dilute the salinity of the North Atlantic and slow down the life-giving Gulf Stream current that warms northern Europe.

Apart from ice, the IPY research will focus on big themes such as the northern climate system with a faltering Gulf Stream and thawing permafrost, and the ability of the southern oceans to absorb carbon.

"We see the whole event as a real jump," Carlson said. "Instead of more of the same, we want this to be a real focus. Our voice is going to be much stronger."

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Comment | Leader: Blair's global warning
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Democratic Underground - Global warning? What's that???
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Al Gores Epic Poem of Global Warming

One thin September soon

A floating continent disappears

In midnight sun

Vapors rise as

Fever settles on an acid sea

Neptune's bones dissolve

Snow glides from the mountain

Ice fathers floods for a season

A hard rain comes quickly

Then dirt is parched

Kindling is placed in the forest

For the lightning's celebration

Unknown creatures

Take their leave, unmourned

Horsemen ready their stirrups

Passion seeks heroes and friends

The bell of the city

On the hill is rung

The shepherd cries

The hour of choosing has arrived

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