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The Democratic Party's Treasury administration officials are still hiding the report on whether the fascistlike White House breached the Koch Brothers' tax records.  Details at

IRS Scandal.  Obama and the 'liberal' Democrat's IRS scandal involves vile IRS employees and Democratic Party administration criminals using their power to attack those opposed to Obama and 'liberal' Democrats. 
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Scandal Almost Starting
IRS draws new criticism over $70M in employee bonuses, says it’s 'forced' to pay bonuses to failing personnel because the IRS management was dumb enough to agree to their union's collective bargaining demands. 

The IRS admitted it intentionally targeted conservative groups for special scrutiny.  This abusive use of their power was so outrageous that career politicians across the political spectrum condemned it.  Even President Obama, who won the 2012 election with the help of the IRS's 'liberal' Democrats, called the IRS actions “outrageous.” House and Senate leaders from both parties promised an investigation. The fascist-like IRS's 'liberals' targeted Tea Party, conservative and Christian groups. (2.)

Most Americans are convinced the White House, or Obama's closest advisors, set the climate for the IRS agents to target those who supported limited government. (3.)

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  1. 1. IRS Official: White House Claims It Was Not Involved In Targeting Of Those Opposed to Obama and 'Liberal' Democrats. 
    [Jun 18, 2013] IRS Official: White House Was Not Involved In Targeting Of Conservative Groups.  Trust us, we're the government and we never lie.

    2. The Real IRS Scandal |

    The IRS is unpopular on its best days, and the past few have been among its worst. The agency’s admission that it targeted conservative groups for ... - Cached
  2. 3. CNN Poll: Did White House order IRS targeting? – CNN Political ...

    Washington (CNN) – A growing number of Americans believe that senior White House officials ordered the Internal Revenue Service to target conservative ... - Cached

    6 Surprising Things About The IRS Scandal : It's All Politics : NPR

    Hundreds of pages of transcribed interviews reveal that IRS employees in Washington were involved at an early stage in the improper targeting of Tea Party ...
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  3. Shifting IRS polls contradict key deposition -

    Washington (CNN)-- Roughly half of all Americans now think the White House was behind the Internal Revenue Service decision to target conservative ... - Cached
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  4. Irs Scandal 2013

    WASHINGTON -- For a time, the Internal Revenue Service inspired awe and admiration in Americans, not just trepidation and lame jokes about death and t... - Cached
  5. [Jun 18, 2013] Internal Revenue Service employees flagged a Tea Party case to their bosses in 2010 because they thought it might receive media attention. They couldn’t ... - Cached
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