The Democrat Party is Dead.  The burial is scheduled for Nov. 8, 2016.
If you would like to make sure the Democrat Party stays dead, visit us at the Deceased Democrat Party Store. All profits from sales at the Deceased Democrat Party Store will be used to keep the Democrat Party dead and buried.

The Democrat Party is Dead.  The burial is scheduled for Nov. 8, 2016. 

The democrats decided to commit suicide by electing Barack Obama as president in 2008, but it will linger on its deathbed until 2016. The burial is scheduled for Nov. 8, 2016.

The Democrat Party was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. The general election that day all but killed the Democrat Party. All the Democrat's women and all the Democrat's men, could not put the party together again.

The Democrat Party's burial is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016. You will help put the final nails in the Democrat Party's coffin by voting against the corrupt, lying, incompetent and mentally ill Democrats.  DPD1 

After burying the Democrat Party, 2017 will be the year for decent citizens to take back the government.  Taking back the government may be as easy as continuing the transformation of the Republicans into a party that respects the Constitution and our nation's God-given rights. 

For over 100 years the liberally-progressive, intellectual elite had made slow but steady progress transforming our nation into a dictatorship of the political class. The Democrat Party and some career Republican politicians, chipped away at the traditional values that had created this nation and made it the best country in the world.  Those who believed in "God and Country" were forced to accept "big government".

The liberal-progressives had come up with the almost perfect scheme for whittling the USA down.  The intellectual 'liberals' never openly called for a big, dictatorial government.  They did take small steps to create a statist (dictatorial) government. The 'liberals' would see a problem - or invent one - and then demand that big government fix the problem. The fixes always went well beyond fixing any problem, and nearly always resulted in bigger government and more taxes for citizens.  DPD1

The Democrat Party of 2008 to 2016 took progressivism too far.  Voters came to understand that progressivism meant BIG government control of everyone.  DPD1


Our dynamic and prosperous nation in 1900 looked nothing like America in 2015. Those in power for most of the last 115 years seemed to be applying the old, pre-revolution strategies of statism  to complex new problems. The Populists had tried to effect change by capturing the government. The Progressives would succeed where the Populists had failed.

The "Progressives were urban, Northeast, educated, middle-class" people who wanted more power for themselves.  Few progressives built railroads, steel mills, dug for gold or oil or even ran businesses.  Progressives, filled with envy for the more industrious and prosperous, decided to use politics to gain wealth.

"It was more of a movement than a political party, and there were adherents to the philosophy in each major party. There were three Progressive Presidents — Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson. Roosevelt and Taft were Republicans and Wilson was a Democrat. What united the movement was a belief that the laissez faire, Social Darwinist outlook of the Gilded Age" was to helpful to allowing industrious people to prosper, while the educated - but non-industrious - people had to settle for more academic jobs - like being university professors. 
"The results were astonishing. Seemingly every aspect of society was touched by progressive (rulers). Progressive politicians used populist messages to win votes from "worker and consumers".
Politicians used taxpayer money to take "natural resources" for themselves - while claiming they were doing it for voters.
"The plight of the urban poor" was discovered and politicized - despite the fact that for over 200 years the poorest Americans had always been able to succeed.
Populist movements such as temperance and women's suffrage found allies in the progressive movement. The era produced a host of national and state regulations, plus four amendments to the Constitution." Most of the regulations started simply, but became a huge source for politicians selling themselves out for votes and lobbyists money.
When the United States became involved in the First World War, progressives lied that we needed a "temporary" income tax. When the war ended, the tax stayed. Big government growth could not be stopped as long as politician's hands were in every person's pockets. income tax.
"The Progressive Era set the stage for the 20th century trend of an activist government" pretending to be helping the little people. DPD20 

The 'liberals' of the past 100 years of USA history have been anything BUT liberal. They are intolerant haters of individual freedom, masquerading under a name they did not earn. Just as the Democratic Party has become the Democrat Party, 'liberals' have become fascists.  DPD3  DPD4

The Democrat Party committed suicide with a huge overdose of big government, big taxes, an addiction to overspending, arrogant ignorance, an insanity that prevented them from learning from past mistakes, atheistic idiocy, pathological deception and the fundamental belief that politicians have the "right" to get rich appropriating tax payer wealth. DPD1

By 2015, POLLS began showing the death of the Democrat Party.
As early as April 6, 2015, Rasmussen showed Only 25% of all likely voters "Strongly Approved" of the way the Democrat Party was performing and 40% "Strongly Disapproved".  Only 47% of Americans would admit to having some approval for the Democrat Party administration's Barack Obama.  Obama, himself, did do better with specially privileged groups.  "Seventy-five percent (75%) of blacks and 62% of other minority voters approve of the job Obama was doing. Fifty-nine percent (59%) of whites disapprove." DPD2

There were many reasons for the demise of progressivism, liberalism and the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party, liberalism and progressivism died from an insufficiency of our nation's traditional Judeo-Christian values.

YOU SHALL NOT KILL became you can kill cops, babies and older people. dpd5 dpd8
YOU WILL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY became a silly outdated notion.dpd6
YOU WILL NOT LIE became you CAN lie if you are a politician or a member of the media. dpd7

Progressive Democrats have made a mockery of this Judeo-Christian value.
Which of today's parties is most likely to end the erosion of this value?

Democrats, liberals and progressives had gotten to the point, in 2015, that they refused to answer the simplest questions.  DO YOU SERVE THIS NATION AND GOD?
Is your God the God our nation's Judeo-Christian Heritage?
Is your nation the one founded by our forefather's belief in a creator, and our nation's foundation documents?
If serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourself whom you will serve, whether the gods of others, Like Islam's Allah or the gods of the Wealth Spreader. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord and our nation's founding documents. DPD9

It's clear that we need to
 progress forwards using the Judeo-Christian values upon which our nation was created and thrived. For over two hundred years we were the greatest beacon on earth for freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Then, things changed. The changes began in the early 1990s when allegedly "progressive" politicians decided to return to the past - to take away the wealth earned by others and to distribute it as they saw fit. 
These politicians ignored the commandments, You 
shall not steal.
You shall not covet. The politicians coveted the wealth of Americans and decided to steal it. They did this successfully by telling citizens they - as enlightened and elite politicians - knew the best way tax payer money should be spent.  DPD10

 YOU SHALL NOT KILL is a religious value that has declined in our nation, as our nation has lost it's values.  
According to the Bible of our founding fathers, not all killing is murder. Murder is the unlawful taking of a human life. As our nation falls further and further away from our religious heritage, the unlawful taking of a human life has become a daily occurrence.

Godless members of our nation now kill for anything - including an umbrella.DPD12
The Godless killers strongly support killing human life.
THE GODLESS DEMOCRAT PARTY HAD LITTLE TO SAY ABOUT THE WORLDWIDE EXTERMINATION OF CHRISTIANS. Christians are the being exterminated in Muslim countries. Islamists want Israel destroyed. Yet the Democrat Party FLOODS America with Christian-hating and Jew-hating Muslims. America, created with Judeo-Christian values is now flooded with those who want to exterminate Christians and Jews. Does anyone else think this is strange?  DPD13
VIDEO SHOWS PLANNED PARENTHOOD SUPPORTERS IGNORE OUR NATION'S JUDEO-CHRISTIAN VALUES. Cate Dyer, the CEO of StemExpress, a distributor for Planned Parenthood's dead babies, in a lunch meeting laughing about how StemExpress purchases fully intact aborted babies from Planned Parenthood. As she paid the check, Dyer is laughing about how shippers of the aborted babies should give a warning to lab workers to expect such a whole (intact) baby.DPD14

PLANNED PARENTHOOD CUTS THROUGH LIVING BABY BOY'S FACE TO GET BRAIN.  The "liberal" Democrat Party has made too much progress in taking our nation away from the traditional Judeo-Christian that made our nation great.
If anyone doubts we have many democrats who abhor our nation's Judeo-Christian heritage, here's some information that should help you.  The Democrat Party's beloved Planned Parenthood is Likely Keeping Some Aborted Babies Alive Until Their Hearts are Cut Out.  Dr. Theresa Deisher, a world-renowned scientist in the field of stem cell research, with patents after discovering adult stem cells in human hearts, helped the pro-life activists who spent three years recording undercover videos and capturing documents and information showing the Planned Parenthood abortion business selling aborted babies and their body parts.

In 2015 some more civilized Republicans began to take action against the killers and baby part sellers of Planned Parenthood.
After national controversy surrounding the Planned Parenthood abortion businesses sale of aborted babies and aborted baby body parts, Indiana Governor Mike Pence today signed into law a new measure mandating that aborted babies must be buried or cremated.
YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY is one of the religious values upon which the nation was formed. This has been lost as a USA value. Godless Liberal-Progressive Democrats treat this value with disdain. http://www.christiantruthcenter.com/you-shall-not-commit-adultery
A chart made from the leaked Ashley Madison data reveals which states in the US like to cheat the most. Here's the type of info hackers have after breaking into the extramarital hookup site Ashley Madison. None of our politicians nor our media think this is an assault on the our nation's morality. Morality seems to have no place in a liberal-progressive nation.
http://www.businessinsider.com/ashley-madison-leak-reveals-which-states-like-to-cheat-the-most-2015-8 Bill Clinton was a lying, womanizing serial adulterer, and few cared.

OUR NATION'S DEMOCRAT PARTY SUPPORTS THE DESTRUCTION OF CHRISTIAN AND JEWISH HERITAGE. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/aug/21/islamic-state-destroyed-ancient-saint-eliane-monastery-syria-says-priest

YOU SHALL NOT LIE, has been lost as a USA value. Godless Liberal- Let’s take a walk down memory lane with 7 of Hillary’s biggest lies…
1. Chelsea Clinton was jogging around the World Trade Center on 9/11. Immensely insensitive to those who actually were affected by this horrific attack, Hillary later admitted that Chelsea was actually safely in her Union Square apartment at the time of the attack.
2. She landed under sniper fire in Bosnia. In true Brian Williams-esque form, to listen to Hillary’s account, she was ducking and running in a dramatic M*A*S*H type arrival scene in fear for her life. In actuality, she and Chelsea can be seen on video walking across the Bosnian tarmac… smiling and greeting well wishers. But hey, anybody could misremember deadly sniper fire, right?
3. She was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, one of the first two men to climb Mt. Everest. This one’s just embarrassing. Sir Hillary didn’t actually climb Mt. Everest (AKA, achieve any fame worth naming a child after) until Hillary Clinton was 6 years old. Ouch. So either Hillary’s mom was lying about her namesake Hillary’s entire life, or she waited until Hillary was 6 to name her, or Hillary just, you know, misspoke. Again. 4. Her family was dead broke when they left the White House. They only made $12 MILLION the year after Bill Clinton’s Presidency. I guess when you’re used to living off the taxpayer’s billions funding your vacations, private airfare and security, food, housing, and all, a measly few millions could be a rough adjustment, huh?
5. She claims to have been instrumental in the Northern Ireland peace process. Except those who actually were at the negotiating table say Hillary was nowhere to be seen…
6. She’s just like you. No, really. Because every woman in America has one child who’s always attended private schools, was married to a President, had a personal chef, flies in a environment polluting personal jet, and makes about $200K for every speaking engagement. Duh.
7. Benghazi – it was a disgusting video! The worst of the worst. We know for a fact, based on State Department documents, that not only was Benghazi a terrorist attack, but Hillary knew it was a terrorist attack which had absolutely nothing to do with a YouTube video. Not only did she lie about Benghazi, she failed to act in response to the attack, and 4 American lives were lost in the conflict.
Hillary was considered a candidate for president despite all of her lies. http://louderwithcrowder.com/caught-top-5-hillary-clinton-lies/ COURT

DONALD TRUMP PROPOSED USING THE JUDEO-CHRISTIAN VALUE OF THE  GOLDEN RULE FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS.  Donald suggested we treat illegal aliens as their nations have treated us. No more jobs for illegal aliens.  No more anchor babies.  Deport the illegals.
The Democrat Party Died During Its War On Christians and Jews


The Democrat Party became so vile and corrupt, it could be said the party scandalized itself to death.

Democrats ignored our nation's Constitution and supported statist BIG government rule.

Democrats lost support of intelligent black citizens who came to understand Democrat Party exploitation of blacks.

It became apparent to voters that Republican candidates - of which there were many - were highly more competent and trustworthy than Democrat Party nominees.

Democrat's deaths were aided by their unsupportable belief that Hillary Clinton was capable of being president.

With the coming of new media, from cable to the internet, knowing citizens better understood Democrat Party lies.

Especially obvious to voters were the Democrat's Alinsky's Rules that required ridiculing all opposed to liberal views.

Democrats were seen as wealth redistributors, taking from wealth producers to give to those not producing wealth

Democrats decided to force our nation's tax payers to support Illegal Aliens.

Democrats decided to make War on Traditional American Religions.`

The Democrat Party died when it submitted to Islam, rather than retaining the USA's Judeo-Christian heritage

Democrats used legal force to make all citizens accept homosexual partnerships as make-believe marriages.

The Democrats lack of scientific knowledge killed the Democrat Party.  Until the very end they insisted our planet was in imminent danger from man-made Global warming causing climate change.

Decent people began to understand the Democrat Party thrived on spreading hate against whites, heterosexuals and those who believe in God.
DPD1  http://www.boomerspeaks.com/The%20Democrat%20Party%20Is%20Dead..htm
DPD2 http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/obama_administration/daily_presidential_tracking_poll
DPD3 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democrat_Party_(epithet)#cite_note-safire1993-1
DPD4 The history of the term DEMOCRAT PARTY dates back to the 1890's, according to the Oxford Dictionary.  After the civil war the term Democrat Party was used to show the party was anything but democratic.  This enrages today's extremist Democrat Party supporters. "The history of the term (Democrat Party) has been a subject of interest to scholars.[1][8][10][11] The Oxford English Dictionary, traces the use of the term back to 1890: "Whether a little farmer from South Carolina named Tillman is going to rule the Democrat Party in America—yet it is this, and not output, on which the proximate value of silver depends."[12] However the term was in use much earlier in the 19th century.[13] For example, in an 1834 story of politics in a small Vermont town as seen through the eyes of young girl, the American novelist Catharine Maria Sedgwick wrote: "There was a weekly journal published in Carrington, the 'Star' or 'Sun,' I forget which, but certainly the ascendant luminary of the democrat party."[14] ...  after the Civil War and the rise of the modern Republican Party the term "Democrat Party" began to be used ... in a derogatory fashion" to show the party was no longer democratic. 

DPD9 https://www.facebook.com/1619175541655877/photos/a.1619179011655530.1073741827.1619175541655877/1622203744686390/?type=1
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DPD13 http://www.dcclothesline.com/2015/08/20/national-suicide-number-of-syrian-muslim-refugees-to-u-s-expected-to-quadruple/ 
DPD14 http://www.mrctv.org/blog/court-removes-injunction-center-medical-progress-immediately-releases-8th-shocking-planned-parenthood-video
DPD15   http://conservativevideos.com/7th-planned-parenthood-video-reveals-they-harvested-babys-heart-while-it-was-still-beating/

DPD15   http://conservativevideos.com/7th-planned-parenthood-video-reveals-they-harvested-babys-heart-while-it-was-still-beating/

DPD20  http://www.ushistory.org/us/42.asp 

The Dead Democrat Party's Coffin Has many Nails.
The Democrat Party Is Dead. It supported dictatorship, not the U.S. Constitution.

The Democrat Party caused its own death, for many reasons.
The Democrat Party scandalized itself to death
Democrats lie and deceive so much that no one believes them, except the liars and dopes of the "liberally progressive" media.
The Democrat Party and much of the mainstream media died when our nation's people awakened to the Democrat Party's use of ridicule.
Democrats confiscate the wealth earned by others and then redistribute it to those Democrats consider worthy, like illegal aliens and the Democrats fat cat cat donors.
The Democrat Party Is Dead Because of Educated Black Citizens
The democrats died insisting USA citizens pay for illegal aliens
The Democrat Party died supporting Homosexual Avenging Terrorist Extremists (HATE)
As the Democrat Party died, many democrats simply decided to commit political suicide.
Democrats want to fundamentally transform our great nation into an average nation.
Democrats are often atheists with a misplaced trust in scientific nonsense, like our planet's imminent danger from man-made carbon dioxide causing global warming which causes climate change.
Democrats are not outraged when Islamic terrorists kill Americans, Jews, Christian or other Muslims.
Democrats believe that man made global warming is causing record amounts of snowfall.
Democrats have a long history of mismanaging foreign affairs, which often causes war.
Democrats believe in big government dictatorship.
Democrats believe in a one-world government.
Democrats believe people who want less taxes and less government are tea party terrorists.
Democrats exist in a fantasy world, where Islamic terrorists are just myths.
Democrats do not believe in Freedom of Speech, except for the 'progressively-liberal' people.
Democrats believe Hillary Clinton is capable of being president.
The Dead Democrat Party Can Be Resuscitated by Voter Fraud, Career Republicans, Martial Law and other possible interventions

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