America's economic fate depends on us coming together to educate our children, to invest in our infrastructure, to face the threat of the climate change hoax and to reverse the yawning economic inequality that threatens our future.

In the words of our big government union friend, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, "Let me be specific. Unemployment stands at 9%. Underemployment is at 16%.  Housing prices are falling, and foreclosures remain at historic highs. Economic growth is hovering at around 2% annually—not enough to put a dent in unemployment ..."

"Yet instead of having a national conversation about putting America back to work to build our future, the debate here in Washington is about how fast we can destroy the fabric of our country ..." 

Our national conversation is in such a destructive place because the big union bosses, the public sector workers, big spending federal politicians and our nations socialists (i.e. 'liberals') will not face the truth. We are not yet impoverished, but we cannot keep on spending more money than we have.  We have never been more in debt.  We have never so heartlessly spent so much and charged it off to our children and those not yet born. The American economy is still capable of producing wealth but the socialists and their friends are doing all they can to demean and prevent wealth creation.  Today's older, fatter and more prosperous 'liberal' elites insist we can can charge our expenses off to those yet born and the 'evil' wealth producers.  The redistributed wealth in our society is confiscated from the producers (about half of the USA population) and given to the non producers.  It's time for our federal politicians to stand up, take deep spending cuts and reduce the debt - not incrase the debt ceiling.