The democrats died insisting USA citizens pay for illegal aliens
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The democrats died insisting USA citizens pay for illegal aliens.  The Democrat Party thrived for years by appealing to the least intelligent citizens.  Democrats made promises to low information voters to win their votes, then failed to produce.  As USA citizens awoke to the false promises of the Democrat Party, it became important for democrats to find more low information voters.  This created the need for new immigrants who would come to the USA, not learn English and become a new source of votes.  To do this the Democrat Party maintained an open border and invited illegal aliens to come to our nation.  Once here, the Democrat Party provided free transportation to the illegal aliens to go wherever they wanted to go in the USA.  The Democrat Party then forced USA citizens to pay for taking care of the illegal aliens.  These illegal aliens were often given cash, simply because they entered the USA illegally.

The Democrat Party's favoring of illegal aliens over USA voters began to show up as one of the symptoms that would kill the Democrat Party in 2016. By early April 2015, 62% OF U.S. Voters believed the Democrat Party was not aggressive enough in deporting illegal immigrants.  A year earlier only 52% wanted a more aggressive Democrat Party approach. Over half of voters felt illegal immigrants should remain eligible for deportation, even if they had American-born children. Over half of voters disagree with the Democrat Party by feeling a child born to an illegal immigrant mother in the United States should automatically become a U.S. citizen. 1
Most voters, by April 2015, knew the Democrat Party's actions encouraged the invasion of illegal aliens. A "Rasmussen Reports ... survey found 57% of Likely U.S. Voters knew the Democrat Party intentionally encouraged people to enter the United States illegally, "the highest level of cynicism since June 2012."  2

Hillary Clinton, as late as July in 2015, had no idea that voters were concerned with the uncontrolled waves of illegal aliens crossing the southern border of the USA. At the time Only 34% of Likely U.S. Voters favored immigration amnesty.  Hillary, surrounded by other out-of-touch 'liberal' elites insisted that she would do more for illegal aliens than Obama was doing.   President Obama’s plan to protect up to five million illegal immigrants from immigration doesn’t go far enough, Hillary first said.  The poorly thinking former first lady and secretary of State even criticized Republicans for not pushing hard enough for a pathway to citizenship for those already here illegally.  At the time Ms. Clinton was pushing these lawless ideas,   Sixty-three percent (63%) now think gaining control of the border is more important than legalizing the status of undocumented workers already living in the United States, the highest level of support for more border control since December 2011. 3

The Dead Democrat Party's Coffin Has many Nails.
The Deceased Democrat Party Store.  All profits used to defeat the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party is Dead. The burial is scheduled for Nov. 8, 2016.
The Democrat Party caused its own death, for many reasons. 
The Democrat Party scandalized itself to death
Democrats lie and deceive so much that no one believes them, except the liars and dopes of the "liberally progressive" media.
The Democrat Party and much of the mainstream media died when our nation's people awakened to the Democrat Party's use of ridicule
Democrats confiscate the wealth earned by others and then redistribute it to those Democrats consider worthy, like illegal aliens and the Democrats fat cat cat donors.
The Democrat Party Is Dead because of educated black people.
The democrats died insisting USA citizens pay for illegal aliens 
As the Democrat Party died, many democrats simply decided to commit political suicide.
Democrats want to fundamentally transform our great nation into an average nation.
Democrats are often atheists with a misplaced trust in scientific nonsense.
Democrats are not outraged when Islamic terrorists kill Americans, Jews, Christian or other Muslims.
Democrats believe that man made global warming is causing record amounts of snowfall.
Democrats have a long history of mismanaging foreign affairs, which often causes war.
Democrats believe in big government dictatorship.
Democrats believe in a one-world government.
Democrats believe people who want less taxes and less government are tea party terrorists.
Democrats exist in a fantasy world, where Islamic terrorists are just myths.
Democrats do not believe in Freedom of Speech, except for the 'progressively-liberal.
Democrats believed Hillary Clinton was capable of being president.
The Dead Democrat Party Can Be Resuscitated by Voter Fraud, Ordering all USA residents to vote, Career Republicans, Martial Law and other possible interventions

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