The Democrat Party Is Dead, Because it thought Hillary Clinton could be president.

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The Democrat Party is Dead. The burial is scheduled for Nov. 8, 2016.



The Democrat Party, still believing US voters were dumb and informed, actually thought Hillary Clinton could become the President of the United States in 2016.  This was proof the Democrat Party elite politicians were completely unaware of the fact the America's voters were no longer poorly informed.  The democrats actually thought their media allies and their own lies and deceptions could again fool an awakened America.

Hillary Clinton's greatest claim to fame was her marriage to Bill Clinton.  Bill was a lying, adulterous womanizer when he was governor of Arkansas and the President of the USA.  Hillary stood by her man.  For doing this she was idolized by other women who also had stood by their lying philanderers.

Hillary never managed anything, until she became Secretary of State.  She failed terribly in that job.

Hillary, as the wife of the former Arkansas governor and USA president, did manage to make herself rich.  Her wealth came from strange deals and open pleas for money.  Surrounding her rise to wealth were dead bodies and secrets - like her secret emails as Secretary of State, stored on a secret server in her luxury mansion in New York State.

Hillary, as the wife of the former Arkansas governor and USA president, did manage to make herself rich.  Her wealth came from strange deals and open pleas for money.  Surrounding her rise to wealth were dead bodies and secrets - like her secret emails as Secretary of State, stored on a secret server in her luxury mansion in New York State.

In 2015 a book, "Clinton Cash" by Peter Schweizer, slowed down Hillary's desire to be president.  The book suggested she might be more read for prison than the presidency.  The book retraced some of Bill and Hillary's older scandals - scandals many younger voters had never heard about.  In 2000, Bill and Hillary Clinton owed millions of dollars in legal debt, run up when they protected themselves from their past scandals.  But, by 2016, they earned over $130 million. Where did the money come from? Most people assume that the Clintons amassed their wealth through lucrative book deals and high-six figure fees for speaking gigs. The author, Peter Schweizer showed who was really behind those enormous payments. 7

Hillary was never a very likeable person, and she always needed to work on looking like she was normal, and not an arrogant politician talking down to the "little" people. 5 

Hillary's secret emails and secret email server came to light in 2015. Hillary, while Secretary of State, actually used this secret account to conduct USA government business, despite knowing the Federal Reserve Act required her to use government-assigned email addresses to avoid abuse and corruption. This ensures the government will have possession of all information that might be needed for possible investigations. 1  After telling the nation that she had released all of the emails she had on her secret basement server, more of her hidden emails surfaced. 13

The secrecy of Hillary has also permeated her own daughters being.  Chelsea Clinton also had a secret email account. Secret emails are great when you're soliciting donations from foreign nations. 2, 8

Hillary's decreasing mental faculties coupled with increasing personal scandals caused may democrats to start pushing for another Democrat Party candidate - BEFORE Hillary had officially announced her own candidacy.  The first democrats to leave Hillary's side supported Elizabeth Warren - a woman that claimed to have been a descendant of Cherokee Indians. 3, 8

While many Democrats were questioning Hillary's ability to be president, Hillary announced her candidacy for President Sunday, April 10, away from all reporters.  For months she avoided talking to reporters, by talking to small groups of her own supporters.

Hillary Clinton officially launched of her US presidential campaign as silently as possible on Twitter, followed by a video and email announcement.  No reporters were allowed to ask her questions.  After the twitter, email and video announcement she also had a closed conference calls with funders and supporters, hoping to convince them to give her all the support they weren't sure she deserved.

Because she was a woman, the liberal-extremist media immediately considered her the frontrunner within the party. 6

The reasons the Democrat Party thought Hillary could be elected was further proof the Democrat Party was brain dead. Some Democrats thought they must elect Hillary, to give her a second chance to steal the furniture she had to return to the White House. 4

Some Democrats wanted Hillary to be president because our nation never had a president with a uterus.

Reasons Why Hillary was favored by low information, immoral democrats.
Hillary is more feminine than all the Republican candidates.
Hillary will give more taxpayer money to government employees than any Republican.
Hillary will give more taxpayer money to those who do not work than any Republican.
Hillary will end the USA's ability to use nuclear power, by selling our uranium to Russia.
Hillary will continue President Obama's fundamental transformation of the Middle East into a barbaric Caliphate.
Hillary has many rich friends who can provide her with $2.5 billion to run for president.
Hillary is most likely to be end her presidency by taking civilian property from the White House.
Hillary is most likely to turn her reign as president into a billion dollars of personal wealth.
Hillary is most likely to avoid unpleasant business, like more security at USA embassies.
Hillary will continue President Obama's plan to return land to the Palestinians now occupied by Israel.
Hillary will burn the Second Amendment that allegedly allows citizens to own and bear arms, like guns.
Hillary will continue to follow Obama's economic plan - a plan that made the rich richer, the middle class poorer. 8

Between Hillary's announcement in April and the poor performance of her campaign in June, a number of Democrats entered the race and demeaned Hillary's candidacy.

Part of Hillary's problem was that too many voters saw her as a hypocrite.  For example, Hillary came out against the Confederate Flag in 2015, but in prior years she (and Bill) had supported it. 10

Hillary championed as someone wanting equal pay for equal work, but she treated the women who worked for her like second class systems deserving less pay than men. 16

Hillary's disdain for the little people was shown when she deserted her low cost campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, to live a more elitist life as a candidate. 14

Hillary, to make an appearance celebrating the black rioters in Ferguson, Missouri, gave up her belief in Global Warming. She took a jet plane to get to the celebration of rioters. 17

Questions arose about Hillary's selling of American uranium resources to Russia. Hillary was unable to explain why she did this or why she had accepted donations from those who wanted this deal to go through. 15

Bernie Sanders, another Democrat campaigned for presidency.  He was alarmed at Hillary's failure to push progressivism. 9

Bernie's campaign delighted in mocking Hillary for everything from her support for the Iraq War to her support of the XL pipeline. 12

Lincoln Chafee entered the Democrat Party presidential race and immediately announced there was no way Hillary could win. 11

As Hillary's campaign faltered further, Jim Webb and Martin O'Malley decided to oppose Hillary. 
Jim Webb, another white-privileged Democrat Party male attacked Hillary Clinton and said he wanted a more "positive, visionary leadership" than Hillary could provide in the United States. 22  A Rasmussen poll right after July 4 showed that few thought  Former U.S. Senator from Virginia Jim Webb had any chance.  quietly entered the race for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination last week, but Unthinking Democrat Party voters considered him a long shot.  Just "19% of Likely Democratic Voters think Webb, who served in the Senate until 2013, (was) even somewhat likely to be their party’s nominee in 2016, and that include(d) only four percent (4%) who said it is Very Likely. Sixty-two percent (62%) (thought) a Webb nomination is unlikely, including 31% who said it’s Not At All Likely to happen. Nineteen percent of Democrat Party voters were so poorly informed they were not sure of anything. 23

Still, as late as early July 2015, the generally reliable Rasmussen Poll reported the amazing statistic that Ninety-three percent (93%) of Likely Democratic Voters" still believed Clinton was "likely to end up being their party’s nominee next year.19 This surprising news about the lack of information of Democrat voters came at the same time as another Rasmussen Poll showed "Just over half of voters do not trust Hillary Clinton, (and) even more think she used her position as secretary of State to benefit some of those who gave money to her Clinton Foundation." 20

Perhaps the greatest indication of the hard-core ignorance of Democrat Party supporters in July 2015 was that 27% (of US voters, or about 57% of Democrat Party voters)  "Strongly Approve(d) of the way Obama (was) performing as president. 21

Democrat Party voters were also incredibly tolerant of Hillary's known lies.

Hillary Clinton claimed - in an all-to-friendly CNN July interview - that she “never had a subpoena” for her email records.  Immediately afterwards, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, released its March 4 subpoena of Hillary Clinton, proving Hillary had lied.  Hillary supporters and the left-wing media extremists did not care.

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All you'll ever need to know about Hillary Clinton and the Hillary Clinton Memorial Library

The Deceased Democrat Party Store.  All profits used to defeat the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party is Dead. The burial is scheduled for Nov. 8, 2016.

The Democrat Party caused its own death, for many reasons.  
The Democrat Party scandalized itself to death
Democrats lie and deceive so much that no one believes them, except the liars and dopes of the "liberally progressive" media.
Democrats confiscate the wealth earned by others and then redistribute it to those Democrats consider worthy, like illegal aliens and the Democrats fat cat cat donors.
The Democrat Party Is Dead because of educated black people.
The Democrat Party Died insisting USA citizens pay for all illegal aliens who managed to sneak across our borders.
The Democrat Party and much of the mainstream media died when our nation's people awakened to the Democrat Party's use of ridicule. rather than reason
As the Democrat Party died, many democrats simply decided to commit political suicide.
Democrats want to fundamentally transform our great nation into an average nation.
Democrats are often atheists with a misplaced trust in scientific nonsense.
Democrats are not outraged when Islamic terrorists kill Americans, Jews, Christian or other Muslims.
Democrats believe that man made global warming is causing record amounts of snowfall.
Democrats have a long history of mismanaging foreign affairs, which often causes war.
Democrats believe in big government dictatorship.
Democrats believe in a one-world government.
Democrats believe people who want less taxes and less government are tea party terrorists.
Democrats exist in a fantasy world, where Islamic terrorists are just myths.
Democrats do not believe in Freedom of Speech, except for the 'progressively-liberal.
Democrats believed Hillary Clinton was capable of being president.
The Dead Democrat Party Can Be Resuscitated by Voter Fraud, Ordering all USA residents to vote, Career Republicans, Martial Law and other possible interventions

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All profits from sales on this page will be used to defeat the Democrat Party





(H5) It hurt Hillary when she appeared too arrogant when being asked questions by the little people.


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