Obama and most USA politicians support slavery, or - more precisely - Obama and the politicians support neoslavery. Neoslavery is the condition of maintaining a permanent population of exploited workers and uniformed voters. This can be done by inducing poor migrants into the USA, either legally or illegally, and then helping them avoid learning to speak English. This makes sure they will not integrate into society and remain permanently uninformed. Then, the politicians create a bondage to the USA by giving the uninformed and exploited workers benefits paid for by USA taxpayers.

Neoslavery requires supplementing the neoslaves meager incomes with taxpayer supported hand-outs to keep the neoslaves alive. These handouts make the exploited illegal aliens bond to the politicians who support and/or profit from neoslavery.

Neoslavery also exploits the USA citizens who are forced to pay taxes to subsidize neoslavery.

Neoslaves may be illegal aliens or, even, legalized residents of the USA. Many supporters of neoslavery wanted to make all illegal aliens citizens, hoping this will disguise their exploitation of the neoslaves, usually poor Mexicans.

Neoslaves are not true slaves, for they are not in physical bondage. The "compassionate" politicians who like neoslavery use taxpayer money to create softer bonds forged with links of taxpayer paid benefits.

Politicians want neoslavery. Politicians want a permanent underclass, unable to speak English and easily led. Politicians also want to enable businesses to use the neoslaves to do low paying and sometimes unsafe work.

Join us to discuss what we can do to stop neoslavery and help the exploited illegal aliens return to freedom, and stop the exploited tacpayers from being forced to subsidize the neoslavery business.