SUMMARY in a HURRY: Unions. Public Sector Unions Endanger the USA. Democratic politicians are in the pockets of public and private sector unions.
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Public Sector Union Goons Plans For Intimidation Revealed.The Washington Times is reporting that a 70+ page manual detailing the dirty tricks and intimidation techniques used by the powerful Service Employees International Union has been discovered. See http://boomerspeaks.com/IssueUnions.htm for SEIU'S INTIMIDATION MANUAL UNCOVERED   The Washington Times is reporting that a 70+ page manual detailing the dirty tricks and intimidation techniques used by the powerful Service Employees International Union has been discovered. Read what SEIU has been doing HERE.

Even some Democratic Mayors, like Rahm Emanuel are coming to realize Public Sector union workers are a financial burden on taxpayers.   Rahm Emanuel sends layoff notices to city workers in union showdown MORE http://boomerspeaks/IssueUnions.htm

The Obama Administration bailed out GM and Chrysler not for America, but for the union bosses.  We all suspected that Obama was selling out the auto companies investors and USA taxpayers.  Now the proof is in.  See this  REPORT: Obama's Auto bailout chief admits 'I did this all for the unions'...

The AFL-CIO wants to send you on a vacation.  Just expose your bad boss to the AFL-CIO and you can win a vacation.

Unions and NLRB are endangering the safety of the USA by not allowing Boeing to build planes in Right to Work states.  Deputy Secretary of Defense William Lynn says preserving the aerospace industry is crucial to the military's success.  For Pentagon video see http://www.pentagonchannel.mil/?pid=_Lq_tUESvq2bSDTVsQuAyTn6nY2tZmbT&player=GovDelivery

Top AFL-CIO Union Goons Demands Violence against NJ Governor Christie.  Vice President of Communications Workers calls Givernor Christie a Nazi.

Private Sector Unions Make War On Workers.  Unions will not let people work at Boeing unless they pay money to union bosses.

Fight The Fascist Union Bosses.  Click here to Sign petition to support people's right to work.

   Do you have any comments or information about Unions?  Public Sector Unions Endanger the USA. Democratic politicians are in the pockets of public and private sector unions? Send comments or information to boomertos2@aol.com.  Your name will not be used UNLESS you specifically request us to do so?

Unions and news about the dangers of big unions.

Newt Gingrich discusses Obama's Assault on South Carolina Jobs

A Labor Strike Against Economic Reality
Steve Chapman:

In 1977, Boeing was the target of a strike by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, which represents its workers in Puget Sound, Wash. and Portland, Ore. The aircraft manufacturer had another strike in 1989. In 1995, workers went out for 69 days. In 2005, they struck again. ... more

Top AFL-CIO Union Goons Demands Violence against NJ Governor Christie.  Vice President of Communications Workers calls Givernor Christie a Nazi.

During a union rally held in Trenton, NJ on Thursday, the Vice President of a Communications Workers union stepped over the line and compared the governor of New Jersey to Adolf Hitler, while calling for WWIII. Watch the video HERE.

Fight The Fascist Union Bosses.  Click here to Sign petition to support people's right to work.

Dear Concerned American,

They snickered when I said I came to the U.S. Senate to change Congress.

But their laughter stopped when I sponsored the National Right to Work Act to free U.S. workers from forced unionization and break Big Labor's multi-billion dollar political machine forever.

President Barack Obama and Big Labor allies in the Senate are now feverishly scheming to bury the National Right to Work Act without a vote.

So I have a question for you.

Will you be the sledgehammer?

Your signature on the petition to your Congressman and Senators is what is needed to bust through the opposition and force a vote on the National Right to Work Act.

This is an opportunity you and I cannot afford to miss.

As you know, the right to decide freely whether or not to join a union was taken away from American workers by Congress almost 75 years ago.

A result of back-room deals between union bosses and their tax-and-spend Congressional puppets, compulsory unionism provisions in federal law currently empower union officials to:

>>>Force nearly 11 million Americans to pay tribute to a union boss to get or keep a job ...

>>>Brazenly loot union treasuries to fund the election of their hand-picked political puppet candidates like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid ...

>>>Terrorize workers and communities with violent strikes -- where they get away with beatings, arson -- even murder.

The National Right to Work Act strikes at the foundations of the union bosses' power.

And here's the thing -- the National Right to Work Act is wildly popular with American voters.

In fact, for years polls have shown nearly 80% of Americans think it should be against the law to force workers to pay money to union bosses just to get or keep a job.

All you and I have to do is force an up-or-down roll call vote on the National Right to Work Act ... And the American people will do the rest.

Many Democrats and more than a few Republicans elected with Big Labor's over $1 billion in forced-dues political cash cower in fear of casting a vote against the National Right to Work Act.

What will they do when forced to vote?

It's a win-win situation -- either they pass the National Right to Work Act and free American workers or they pay in 2012.

It will be a marathon battle.

But I will not flinch in the face of opposition and insider attacks.

I believe, with your help, this is a fight we will win.

And I know it's a fight worth fighting.


You see, the union bosses fear a vote on the National Right to Work Act more than just about anything else.

They know it's a losing proposition for them whether the bill passes or not.

The fact is for decades union officials have schemed to seize billions of dollars from their "members" and then used it to elect their candidates to protect these privileges.

This is how Washington -- from Jimmy Carter to Ted Kennedy to Bill Clinton to Nancy Pelosi to Barack Obama -- got to be what it is today.

The National Right to Work Act will turn this entrenched, corrupt Washington order on its head.

Every year Big Labor siphons over $8 BILLION from workers' paychecks; mostly from workers who, if they refused to pay, would be fired from their jobs.

Union bosses take this eye-popping heap of dough to feed a lifestyle of limousines, penthouses and raw political power.

And, my friend, Big Labor's political corruption costs all of us:

*Hundreds of billions of dollars in bailouts and bloated government spending suck the life out of our economy, rewarding failed businesses like GM and letting union-boss featherbedding and rigged contracts rocket the cost of schools, hospitals and roads through the roof.

*Millions more good-paying jobs destroyed or driven overseas as union czars cripple America's bedrock industries with wasteful work rules, hate-the-boss propaganda and violent strikes.

*You and all Americans robbed of your wealth as the economy stays in recession and the price of cars, gasoline and groceries climbs upwards.

*Small businesses strangled with red tape and bureaucracy designed by greedy union flunkies to kill companies too small for so-called union “organizing.”

That's why it's crucial you sign the petitions today and, if possible, make a generous contribution to the National Right to Work Committee.


It's clear that if the Committee is to rally the 80% of Americans who support this bill they will need your financial support.

The National Right to Work Committee isn't some Johnny-come-lately organization. They've been on the front lines opposing Big Labor for over fifty years.

The National Right to Work Committee is spearheading the effort to rally the American people, just as I am leading the fight here in the Senate.

Without your support for the National Right to Work Committee, they have little chance against Big Labor's money and power in Congress.

That's why I ask you to submit your signed petition, along with the most generous contribution you can afford to the National Right to Work Committee.

In order to pass the National Right to Work Act, the National Right to Work Committee has drawn up an aggressive plan of action:

***Mobilize up to 14 million Americans to stand up for freedom by signing petitions like the one I link to in this email. Only when politicians feel the heat of the people, will they see the light of truth. That's what I meant when I asked you to be my sledgehammer.

***Place full-page newspaper ads and launch intense internet campaigns coast to coast, reminding the American people what Big Labor's power costs all of us in out-of-control government spending, sky-high taxes, a seemingly endless recession, lost jobs and rising prices.

***Inform favorable columnists, talk show hosts and editorial writers nationwide to help mobilize public opinion.

***Run TV and radio ads targeting, if funding permits, wavering Congressmen and Senators in the days leading up to key committee and floor votes.

Without your financial support, this program will not be possible.

And without this program Big Labor will stop the National Right to Work Act in Congress.

It's that simple.

Every dollar the National Right to Work Committee receives comes from Americans like you -- working folks, shopkeepers, business owners, retirees, farmers, engineers, delivery drivers, homemakers, grandmothers and grandfathers. Not one penny of their funding comes from government.

Some friends have already given as much as $1000 or $500 to help this campaign get going. A special few have given even more.

Many others have sacrificially given $100, $50 or even just $25 -- whatever they could afford.

I do not know what you can afford to give today, but this is too important not to ask ... and I hope too important for you not to contribute.


After you sign your petition, will you please chip in with a generous contribution of $25, $50, $100 or even $500 or more to the National Right to Work Committee?

I know the Committee can never hope to match Big Labor dollar-for-dollar. But they don't need to.

The American people overwhelmingly stand with you and me.

But the National Right to Work Committee must have the finances to reach out to the people and mobilize them in support of the National Right to Work Act. That's what it will take to beat Big Labor.

Your contribution of $50, $100 or $500 (or at least $25 or $35) along with your signed petition are key to this campaign.


Please do not delay signing the petition or think someone else will carry the load. I count on your support.


Rand Paul, M.D.
U.S. Senator


P.S. Tea Party revolts and the election of real outsiders ready to shake up Congress means you and I have an historic opportunity to break the cycle of tax-and-spend, political corruption and out of control budgets caused by Big Labor's compulsory union power.

But you must strike now to make Congressmen and Senators choose between standing with the 80% of Americans who oppose forced unionism and Big Labor's multi-billion dollar political machine.

It will be an epic, historic battle and your support is critical.

Please sign the petition to your Congressman and Senators and make your most generous contribution of $500 or $100 -- or at least $50 or $25 -- whatever you can afford today.


Obama Administration's Support Of Big Unions Is Disturbing Voters
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Olson: Dear Unionized Teachers

Unionized and 'progressive' teachers plant fallacies in students minds using the dangerous device: the deconstruction of reality
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The Toxic Influence of Progressive Education -

Union Thugs Move to Washington State.

Click here for details - SEIU goons move from Wisconsin to Washington -

Unions Own Obama
Click here for details - The White House transmitted two union promotions through its tax-paid email system -

What's the matter with Public Sector workers?
Click here for details - Too many government workers are unionized, unproductive, overpaid and, even, dangerous -

Wisconsin Democrats and Union Goons Fight On With Filth
Click here for details - Wisconsin Democrats and Union Goons use 'Filthy, Dirty' Tricks in Pivotal Wisconsin Election -

Wisconsin Union Liberal Threatens Death To Lawmaker.
Click here for details -
Woman union thug charged with email threats -

Wisconsin Democrats and Union Goons Fight On With Filth
Click here for details - Wisconsin Democrats and Union Goons use 'Filthy, Dirty' Tricks in Pivotal Wisconsin Election -

   Do you have any comments or information about Unions?  Public Sector Unions Endanger the USA. Democratic politicians are in the pockets of public and private sector unions? Send comments or information to boomertos2@aol.com.  Your name will not be used UNLESS you specifically request us to do so?

More than you want to know about BIG Government Spending, The Budget and the Deficit

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Boomer Speaks About Being a Tea Party Member

Detroit Public Schools Are Failing - The NEA and 'liberalism' at its worse

Florida Republicans Fight About Illegal Aliens, and the neoslavers win

Big Government Spending, the Budget, the Debt and the Deficit

How Long Does DNA Testing Take?

Immigrants are not all Illegal Aliens. If we cannot tell the difference, how can we discuss the USA's illegal alien problem?

The Black Crime Problem We Must Not Discuss

Not all Muslims are Barbarians, but most believe in Islamic barbarism

Liberal Educators Endanger USA, from the public schools to the prestigious Universities - they preach socialism and fascism

Newt Gingrich For President 2012

Obama Is A Murderer even though he chose a great person to murder

Obama Is A War Criminal, for killing the evil Osama.  According to USA law Obama should be prosecuted for a crime, despite what Holder says

Obama Is Insane

Obama is not only insane, he is also an inept socialist

Obama Killed Osama and Disposed of the Body, many will never understand why.

Osama bin Laden is Probably Dead

President Donald Trump in 2012

Republican Nomination Campaign for 2012

Mitt Romney in 2012

Michelle Bachman in 2012

Herman Cain in 2012

Abortion - Beck - Democrats - Energy - Glenn Beck - Government Spending - Healthcare - Illegal Aliens - Immigration - Islam - Liberals - Muslims - Obama - Socialists - Soros - Tea Party - Unions -

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Unions.  Public Sector Unions Endanger the USA. Democratic politicians are in the pockets of public and private sector unions.

The AFL-CIO wants to send you on a vacation.  Just expose your bad boss to the AFL-CIO and you can win a vacation.


Does This Look Like Your Boss?

Who’s had the baddest boss of them all? Share your story in this year’s Bad Boss contest and you could win a vacation...far away from your bad boss!

   New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie defeated the selfish public sector union employees in New Jersey.  The Democrat-controlled Senate on Jue 20th approved changes to the state's pension and benefits system for public workers in what Republican Go. Chris Christie called a "watershed moment" of bipartisan cooperation.
   Saving overburdened New Jersey taxpayers, by requiring teachers, police and other public workers to pay a fairer sahre of their own future benefits  reduced the state's taxpayer burden by potentially billions of dollars.  This protection of New Jersey taxpayers has been a top priority for Christie since he took office in 2010.   Christie reached a bipartisan agreement this month with New Jersey's two top reasonable Democrats, Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver.  The agreement will require the state's 500,000 public employees to pay their fairshare of ther benefits.
Read more on Newsmax.com: Christie Wins Key Pension Vote in New Jersey


Even some Democratic Mayors, like Rahm Emanuel are coming to realize Public Sector union workers are a financial burden on taxpayers.  Thanks to AOL correspondent Purr for this great news.

Rahm Emanuel sends layoff notices to city workers in union showdown By FRAN SPIELMAN  City Hall Reporter 
July 15, 2011 10:48AM                                 
Emanuel tells work-rule changes he wants                                                                                                  

Updated: July 16, 2011 5:49AM

  Mayor Rahm Emanuel is sending layoff notices to about 625 city of  Chicago employees and delaying 61 blocks of curb and gutter  improvements and 76 blocks of sidewalk repairs after union leaders  didnt agree to work-rule changes the mayor wants or offer alternate  ways to cut costs by a deadline Friday.

My duty as mayor is to protect our citys taxpayers and be their voice   not to protect the citys payroll, Emanuel said at a City Hall news  conference Friday. No amount of smoke and mirrors can put off the tough  decisions any longer.

The layoffs which Emanuel said will  save roughly $12 million target 75 percent cut of the Chicago  Department of Transportations seasonal workforce, as well as  custodians at OHare Airport, Midway Airports and the citys public  libraries; and workers who run the citys water-bill call center and  manage city benefits.

The transportation department layoffs  will be begin immediately. As a result, city curb and gutter repairs are  being put off until next year.

Custodial services, benefits management  and the water-bill call center will be privatized after 30- and 45-day  layoff notices go out.

Emanuel said he bent over backward to  avoid laying off city employees even as hes been touting how hes  helped bring 3,600 private-sector jobs to Chicago since he took office  in May.

Fridays layoff notices came after  Emanuel eliminated unpaid furlough days for city workers, saying that  cost-saving move implemented by former Mayor Richard M. Daley was a  morale-killer. He came up with a $19 million menu of cost-saving  work-rule changes and agreed to a requested two-week delay until  Friday on those so the Chicago Federation of Labor could try to come  up with alternate ways to cut back.

In the meantime, the mayor made $20 million in budget cuts that didnt affect union jobs.

Emanuel said Friday that the revised  deadline has arrived, and he cant wait any longer to deal with the  financial time bomb left behind by Daley, who balanced his final city  budget with union concessions not yet negotiated. At midnight on June  30, an agreement expired that had required unionized city employees to  take the equivalent of 24 unpaid furlough days a year and substitute  compensatory time off for cash overtime.

I recognize that the workers affected  here are people with families to support and bills to pay, and they are  going to be cast into an economy that is scarce on jobs, Emanuel said.  But there are millions of hard-working families across the city who are  trying to pay bills every day, get their kids to school every day or in  camp. Theyre trying to make ends meet on a paycheck that may run out  by the end of the month. Those are the people [who] pay the bills [and]  that expect the services.

The decision to delay curb, gutter and sidewalk repairs did not sit well with Chicago aldermen.

Its already taking a long time to get  projects complete. ... I have projects on my 2009 aldermanic menu that  still havent been finished, said Ald. Joe Moore (49th).

Were just gonna need to adjust the  expectations of the public with respect to how fast things can get done.  But, its tough. People are already frustrated that its taking too  long to complete projects.

Emanuels decision to pull the trigger  on layoffs escalates a high-stakes standoff with organized labor that is  only in Round One.

Even more concessions  or layoffs will be needed to erase a $700 million operating shortfall in  the citys 2012 budget and $500 million more when unfunded pension  liabilities are factored in.

Chicago  Federation of Labor President Jorge Ramirez accused the mayor of  throwing gasoline on a fire by pulling the trigger on layoff notices  without negotiating work-rule changes with individual unions and before  he sees alternative savings identified by the federations consultant.

That report is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

Ramirez insisted there have been no negotiations  over work-rule changes period with local unions whose members would  be impacted by those salary-shaving changes.

When theres a fire, you dont pour gasoline on  it. ... Weve shared the sacrifice. Were willing to be partners. But,  this is no way to treat a partner. ... .Its taking a bad problem, and  its making it worse, Ramirez said of the layoff notices.

These people have suffered a lot ... in this  furlough arrangement. They had a previous mayor who never told em,  `Thank you.  And they have a current mayor whos never said, Thank  you. Layoffs are matters of last resort. Its what you have to do when  all other options have been exhausted. I dont think all other options  have been exhausted.

Henry Bayer, executive director of AFSCME Council  31, agreed that neither the mayor nor his representatives have made any  attempt to meet with his union to negotiate specific changes.

If the mayor were serious ... he would have taken  the appropriate measures to engage in such discussions. The fact that he  has never done so is clear evidence that this attempt to blame union  work rules for the citys massive deficit is public relations  gimmickry, Bayer said a statement.

He added, We are surprised and disappointed at  Mayor Emanuels scattershot approach to the citys budget shortfall. We  are particularly disappointed that most of his bullets are aimed at  frontline employees who do the real work of city government.

Other union sources called the mayors decision  premature, a mistake and a scare tactic that would alienate  rank-and-file union members who took a 10 percent pay cut each of the  last two years.

Two weeks ago, the Chicago Federation of Labor  said it had hired a consultant to scour the city budget to pinpoint  alternative savings. The federation said it needed more time to finish  that report.

Emanuel granted the extension, setting a new deadline of Friday.

Sources said the coalition of union leaders  affiliated with the CFL is expected to meet Monday to review the  recommendations, followed by a meeting with city officials.

The mayor said he remains open to budget-cutting ideas

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Index: April 29, 2011, DO THE PROTESTING ANTI-USA STUDENTS IN ARIZONA HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON? - Rep Allen West takes the high road,  Did Leftist Hollywood Kill Atlas Shrugged?,  Restore Traditional USA Values In The Constitution, Will Huckabee run?,  Liberal Educators Indoctrination of our Children, Help For The Storm Victims,  Have You Hear About This?,  May Day Latino Riot In Los Angeles?,  Support Governor Scott's Florida State Budget Proposal ,  ANOTHER RACIAL BEATDOWN AT MCDONALDS , Stand with the USO,  Even Liberal Massachusetts Know Unions Are Dangerous,  Become Obama's Facebook Friend,  Birth Certificate Conflicts, See how Mr. West handles profane liberal protesters at a town hall meetings - The 'Atlas Shrugged' message has been told in Part 1, and it will be told in Parts 2 and 3 - Restore the 10th Amendment and Limited Federal Government - Huckabee will need to explain a lot of his actions as Governor - Liberal Educators have taught students to support sharing other people's wealth, but not their own money - Storms have devastated the southeast United States - You Can Help and Get Help here - The Cheney/Rumsfeld/ Silverstein cocktail is more powerful than an Iranian nuclear weapon - Juan Gutierrez, president of an illegal alien activist group (Vamos Unidos) wants hundreds of thousands of people to 'march, demanding legalization for illegal immigrants. -

Index: April 28, 2011, Who Won, Trump and Corsi or President Obama? - Obama: Running on an Empty Tank ,  Contemporary Liberalism Is Dead,  Who steals more Middle Class Wealth than Federal politicians? Federal and quasi federal bureaucrats, Obamanomics Attack On The Rich Hurts Middle Class Businesses and Home Owners In Gated Communities,  Storm death toll rises to 248 in South and Global Warmists Remain Silent, Obama and socialist politicians want more spending,  Obama Administration's Support Of Big Unions Is Disturbing Voters,  Government Worker Molesting For Taxpayer Dollars,  Trump Wins Praise For Birth Certificate,  Glenn Beck Again Right On Inflation, Limited Government Can Kill Obamacare,  Obama troubles as leader, author and president,  Obama Birth Certificate Problems,  Investigating Leftist Educators at U. of Iowa, Happy Birth Certificate, Mr. President - Who steals more Middle Class Wealth than Federal politicians? Federal and quasi federal bureaucrats. - The Biggest Legalized Theft of Middle Class American Wealth - ZRATicle4b - Violent Tornadoes Devastate Southern USA and Global Warmists Do Not Know Who To Blame - Democrats don't resent 'the rich' on behalf of the poor. They resent the rich on behalf of the big government's big spenders - NLRB May Be Fighting a Losing Battle - Touching Miss USA Vaginas earns taxpayer money and benefits for TSA public sector workers -

Index: April 27, 2011, Why Did Obama Wait So Long To Produce His Long Form Birth Certificate - See Obama's Newest Birth Certificate,  Bernanke Agrees With Beck and S&P,  Nader To Challenge Obama, Is Obama's Birth Certificate a Forgery?,  News About Obama's Newly Found Birth Certificate, NYC savages Attack Chinese Delivery Man,  Obama Birth Certificate is NOT a forgery,  Obama Born By A Woman Just Like Jesus,  Why Did Obama Finally Release His Birth Certificate?,  Question Obama's Birth Certificate and You Are A Racist, Leftwinger to head Pentagon,  Obama Abandons Syrian Humanity,  Liberals Fight To Stop Politicians Discussing Government Overspending,  Get $100 For Your Opinion, Click here to see the birth certificate now on the web - The deficit is unsustainable. Politicians must cut programs - Since no Democrat is interested, Nader Plots Obama Primary Challenge - Initial Investigation of Obama's Newest Birth Certificate Yields Some Anomalies - IS IT REAL? TRUMP TAKES CREDIT... - Brutal Attack On Food Deliveryman Caught On Tape In Morningside Heights - I know this in my heart, but do not ask me to prove it - Our analysis of the latest controversy: The original birth certificate was probably in a ‘negative’ form, and someone at the White House doctored it -

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