Rahm Emanuel didn’t go back to Chicago to help protect Barack Obama.  Rahm Emanuel went back to Chicago to have the power to help destroy the whole myth of Barack Obama – or even more importantly, to destroy Valerie Jarrett and her entire collection of kooks that is the Obama White House.  The bodies buried in Chicago…it’s time for somebody to start digging them up don’t you think?  Who better to do that than Rahm Emanuel…

Q.   You really think Rahm Emanuel would do that?  He would be willing to take on the Obama White House?

A.  Yes.  That doesn’t mean he will do that – but he would do that if the necessary.  And he might just feel it’s necessary these days. I just wanted to make it clear to your readers that Rahm Emanuel is not on the side of Valerie Jarrett and Michelle and Barack Obama.  Listen to what I’m saying right now very closely…if a story comes out relating to the Obamas and links back directly to Chicago, Rahm Emanuel will have played a part in that.  When he won the race for mayor…that race – that victory, was a victory against Jarrett.  Against Obama.  They were working against Rahm but they couldn’t go too far against him because Rahm could push back – hard.  Granted, it would make it a hell of a lot easier if there was some help from the Republicans in the House – Issa…

Q.   (Interrupts) How was Jarrett working against Rahm?  And what about Bill Daley replacing Rahm?  There has to be a connection there.

A.  Sure-sure…let me talk here though, ok?  Just let me have my say for a bit.

Q,   Sorry.  Go ahead.

A.  Regarding Rahm and the election – the mayoral race.  I know you already did some work on this – good work.  People…not enough people, were really paying attention to what was going on with that race.  It was so very clear to those who were paying attention just how forceful the Obama White House, and when I use that term I basically mean to say Valerie Jarrett – how forceful Valerie Jarrett was attempting to remove Rahm from the ballot.  Burt Odelson was the attorney who was the main guy, the one who was putting up the strongest legal challenge, right?  The same Burt Odelson who is the legal extension for one of Chicago’s most powerful labor unions – #134.  He also played a hand in trying to get Obama’s good buddy Alexi elected to Obama’s former Senate seat.  I know you covered some of this-  but it’s worth repeating here now.  Alexi of course is Broadway Bank.  The Broadway Bank.  A failed bank with ties to the mob.  A failed bank that housed Obama’s own campaign financing back in the day.  A failed bank that magically had the feds give a pass most recently regarding some very odd accounting practices.

So we have this very politically connected – very labor union connected, attorney attempting to work the system to prevent Rahm Emanuel from even getting on the ballot.  Now think about that move.  Who did a very similar thing not so long ago to secure an election?  Removing opponents from the ballot?  Who is already well practiced in that kind of thing?  Barack Obama.  It is exactly how he won the election in 1996 – he removed opposition from the ballot.  Was it any coincidence that the very same thing was being used against Rahm Emanuel?  Valerie Jarrett and the unions came after Rahm.  Rahm won.  They lost.  I guarantee you the White House is not sleeping so soundly because of that.

As for Bill Daley going to the White House…I’m not privy to the exact nature of that arrangement, but am pretty certain it was part of some deal.  What part Rahm is playing in that, I don’t know.  Rahm is friendly with the Daleys.  More so Bill than Mayor Daley…the Clinton years.  The two respect each other.  Jarrett did not want Daley in – I shared that with you before, right?  She allowed it because she had to, not because she wanted to.  And you should know that the Mayor Daley was never completely sold on Obama.  That is my understanding.  He knows Jarrett well of course, but that relationship is not as close today as some might think.  She has “gone off the reservation” one too many times apparently, and the mayor is not so supportive of her, and perhaps even less so of Obama.  But people shouldn’t confuse Bill Daley with his brother – the mayor.  Mayor Daley is king of Chicago, right?  Bill is much more a national Democrat.  He is far more accomplished on the national level.  He is a good Democrat.  A good man. He’s the kind of guy—

Q.   (Interrupts) So what is he doing at the Obama White House?  What—

A.  (Interrupts) Give me a chance to get there – I’m getting to that if you’ll let me.  What I’m saying to you is that Bill Daley is a good Democrat, right?  Jarrett, Obama…they aren’t Democrats.  At least not in the traditional sense.  They’re something -expletive- else.  Bill Daley is a solid Democrat.  Smart guy.  Very smart.  I believe…been told here and there – I believe Daley was sent to the White House by certain party donors to straighten things out.  Patch it up as best as possible and to minimize the damage Jarrett and Obama were inflicting on the Democratic Party.  The brand name has been absolutely -expletive- by Obama.  People have had it with that you know.  And so you send a guy like Daley in there to try and repair some of that damage and prevent more of it from happening.  That is his role – and he’s doing it for the party, not for Obama, and certainly not for Jarrett.  Otherwise, whether it’s 2012, or 2016…the Democrats will be so damaged…it would be 2010 all over again.

I know you wanted me to talk some about 2012 – what I think will happen there based on what I already know or have been told.  I’m gonna do that for you, but I want to share something else with you first.  I want to make it very clear to you just how isolated Valerie Jarrett is becoming.  She may run that White House, but she sure as hell doesn’t run the party.  She has pissed off a lot of people – people with influence.  People with money.  If it wasn’t for her relationship with the First Lady, if it wasn’t for the fact she probably has more goods on the Obamas than anyone, Valerie Jarrett would have been removed from this administration long ago.  For now, it’s a stalemate – but she’s far more concerned these days about her place in the administration than ever before – and we have Bill Daley to thank for that.  I told you before to watch for the power play that was going to take place between those two, right?  It’s unfolding right now.  Daley has already minimized Jarrett’s influence with Congressional Democrats, while building much more influence with Republicans in Congress.  The Chamber of Commerce thing?  Jarrett was opposed – she despises the business community outside of her own limited previous experience.  Daley pushed Obama into that-  all but demanded it, and he won out.  But he ain’t doing it for Obama – he’s doing it for the party, and I have such great respect for that.  Most Americans have no idea who Bill Daley is.  I’m telling you right now he might very well be the guy who is saving this country – and that is no exaggeration.  The president…Barack Obama… is a puppet.  Knowing that requires you figure out who’s pulling the-expletive- strings, right?  That was almost entirely Valerie Jarrett, with some help from the First Lady.  That’s why you see Obama trying so hard to project this masculinity, right?  This blackness thing, right? Despite the fact he grew up raised by a white family for the most part – upper middle class Hawaii ain’t exactly the hood, right?  (Laughs) Why does somebody do that?  It’s a cover.  It’s to hide the weakness inside them, and let me tell you, Barack Obama is one weak, -expletive-.  So now we have Bill Daley in there pushing back against the bullshit progressive crap of Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama.  Maybe we get some semblance of goddamn sanity in the White House – God willing!

Q.   You have to explain what you just said a bit more.  You called Obama a puppet – that description certainly isn’t new.  But you also implied he’s controlled by women – at least I think that is what your meaning was.  Is that correct?

A.   Yeah – hell yes that’s correct.  Look, President Obama is incapable of making a decision.  Anyone who tries to argue against that fact is simply avoiding the truth.  We’ve had two years to prove that, right?  The man cannot decide on anything himself.  He waits to be told what to think.  That is how he functions, if you can call it that.  He’s a barely functioning president, and that is a big reason why the situation is so dangerous.  His primary source of direction is Valerie Jarrett, who has no real experience with this kind of leadership.  She manipulates.  She schemes.  She’s a product of the most radicalized section of Chicago.  I’ve said all of this before, right?  And the First Lady is cut from the exact same cloth.  And so they take this weak man, who has been told what to say and think all of his life, and they continue to do just that – tell him what to think and say. But that’s where things are falling apart – Valerie Jarrett doesn’t really understand national politics, or international leadership – most people don’t.  So the messaging that comes from the president is uncertain because it’s Jarrett’s uncertainty we are seeing.  Jarrett understands some of what is going on in the country, but Obama understands none of it, and so between the two of them, we get this president who is almost completely detached from the responsibilities of being President of the United States.  Take away the canned political speech, take away the like minded crowds of supporters, and President Obama is completely lost.  He has been running away from the job of president since day one hasn’t he?  Does anyone really believe that isn’t true anymore?

Q.   But you still say Obama will most likely be re-elected in 2012 – which brings us to the next election cycle, and how the Republicans might defeat Obama.  You promised me you would share your thoughts on that.

A.  That’s right…