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Ron Paul and Herman Cain are two Republicans who know the current Federal Reserve is a problem.  Cain is willing to let the Federal Reserve a little longer.

GOP Campaign Rolls Forward.
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Ron Paul and Herman Cain are two Republicans who know the current Federal Reserve is a problem.  Cain is willing to let the Federal Reserve a little longer.

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   Do you have any comments or information about Ron Paul For President?  ALTNAMEDEZCRIPSHUN? Send comments or information to  Your name will not be used UNLESS you specifically request us to do so?

More than you want to know about BIG Government Spending, The Budget and the Deficit

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Boomer Speaks About Being a Tea Party Member

Detroit Public Schools Are Failing - The NEA and 'liberalism' at its worse

Big Government Spending, the Budget, the Debt and the Deficit 

Liberal Educators Endanger USA, from the public schools to the prestigious Universities - they preach socialism and fascism

Immigrants are not all Illegal Aliens. If we cannot tell the difference, how can we discuss the USA's illegal alien problem? 

Florida Republicans Fight About Illegal Aliens, and the neoslavers win

The Black Crime Problem We Must Not Discuss

Not all Muslims are Barbarians, but most believe in Islamic barbarism

Beware Of IslamicTerrorists After Obama Death

Obama Is A Murderer even though he chose a great person to murder

Obama Is A War Criminal, for killing the evil Osama.  According to USA law Obama should be prosecuted for a crime, despite what Holder says

Obama Is Insane

Obama is not only insane, he is also an inept socialist

Obama Killed Osama and Disposed of the Body, many will never understand why.

Osama bin Laden is Probably Dead

How Long Does DNA Testing Take?

Bill Nelson, Florida's Senatorial Disaster is a big spender who obeys Obama

Republican Nomination Campaigns for 2012

Mitt Romney in 2012

Newt Gingrich For President 2012

President Donald Trump in 2012

Michelle Bachman in 2012

Herman Cain in 2012

Barrack Obama For President

Abortion - Beck - Democrats - Energy - Glenn Beck - Government Spending - Healthcare - Illegal Aliens - Immigration - Islam - Liberals - Muslims - Obama - Socialists - Soros - Tea Party - Unions -

Index: May 8, 2011, Is Osamamania a distraction?? Florida GOP Sells Out To Illegal Alien 'Rights', GOP takes control of Florida Budget - Osamamania becomes a distraction from Economic Panic and Recession - Looking for Osama pictures? GOP takes over in Florida and NH - GOP Presidential Candidates - Democratic Party Destroyed Detroit - , Our Pakistani Allies - Who needs friends like this?,  Compassionate Liberal Media Want You To Pay For Illegal Aliens,  Obama keeps promise to eco-conscious: Gas Costs $6, Can Global Warmists Spin Cold Weather and Cold Water?,  NH GOP wants you to die in your pool, Nobel Prize Winner and Middle East Peace,  Florida GOP Sells Out To Illegal Alien 'Rights',  GOP takes control of Florida Budget, Democratic Party Destroyed Detroit,  Leftist's Fog Of Misdirection Over UBL Assassination, Obama's' Killing of Osama,  GOP Presidential Candidates,  Looking for UBL photos,  Economic Panic and Recession,

Index: May 6, 2011, Osama is dead, and so is Obama's chance to be elected again, Almost half of Detroit citizens Cannot read. Does this mean the Detroit Public School Teacher Union members are failing - What causes 'liberal' violence?,  Federal politicians not at work today,  The strange Obama campaign as an underdog,   The Democratic Revolution in Egypt may bring war with Israel, First GOP Debate,  Aftermath of Obama's Hit On UBL (Osama),  Obama starts war in Yemen,  Muslim barbarians plan attacks on USA,  Unemployment back to 9%, Newt is 'most important Republican',  Columbia University Liberals Honor Muslim Barbarians - AGAIN,  Unionized Teachers Destroy Detroit,  Elitist USA tax system is unfair to over 50% of USA households, White House linked to 'urban terrorism' - Obama will be campaigning. The Senate is off until Monday and The House gets to work Tuesday. - Killing Osama bin Laden is a strange way to start a presidential campaign season - Economic News - Barbaric Muslims want to kill the1978 peace treaty between Egypt and Israel - Herman Cain was overwhelming winner. The second winner was all the other GOP candidates who showed up. In a CNN POLL RON PAUL WAS DECLARED AS HAVING THE BEST CHANCE TO BEAT PRESIDENT OBAMA... - Pakistanis burn U.S. flags; backlash over death grows... Michael Moore unhappy with 'execution'... Archbishop of Canterbury criticizes Obama Administration for shooting unarmed Osama... -

Index: May 5, 2011, SearchTitle, What's more important - government spending or discussing the Osama photos - ZRAT1b,  Liberal Calls For Death To George Bush,  PHOTOS OF DEAD BIN LADEN?, We can now leave Afghanistan,  Misdirection? Ignore government spending, look for the photos, Fear mongering for more Big Government spending,  Who's running the country today? Not the politicians,  GOP says 'NO' to tax hikes,  Public School Educators Fail USA,  Obama needs a teleprompter coach, GOP will raise debt limit,  Obamanomics failures prove socialism brings poverty,  Obama's New Tax On Each Mile You Drive,  Obama Did Not Originate Order to Get Osama, Skepticism over official account of raid. Only 1 killed in raid was armed. White House seeks to scotch bin Laden questions. Pakistan officials: No resistance in 'cold-blooded' U.S. raid. SLIDESHOW of Osama death. - Lib radio host ignores civility and asks, When Will Navy SEALs 'drop in' on George W. Bush? - Shut Up! NO EVIDENCE WILL BE RELEASED TO THE LITTLE PEOPLE - We met Obama's goals. We killed bin Laden and dismantled much of al-Qaida. Why trudge through an even longer war in Afghanistan? - Bin Laden’s Death Won’t Get Me to “Unite” Behind Out-of-Control Spending - The Debt-Ceiling Scaremongers - The Senate will do nothing but listen to speeches. The House quit at 1PM, but did try to sell 4 Gulf of Mexico oil drilling leases. Obama went to ground zero for some footbal spiking and then hosted a Cinco de Mayo party in Washington -

Index: May 4, 2011, Did Obama commit murder? - Herman Cain Announces Debate Participation Thursday, May 5, 2011 at 9 p.m. EDT on Fox News,  Why is Soros selling gold and silver?,  Obama uses waterboarding, Does Obama deserve all the credit?,  Bush refuses to politicize Ground Zero, Big Spending California Politicians Go After Internet,  Big Government Wants To Spend $2 Trillion More,  Obamanomics Brings Economy To It's Knees,  Florida Voters Get To Vote On Obamacare,  RASMUSSEN: Still No Bounce for Obama, Threats to the USA in the aftermath of Osama's Death,  News in the aftermath of Osama's Death,  Photos Of Osama Dead,  Are Seals Being Set Up As Murderers?, Herman Cain has a five-point 'direct stimulus plan' of tax reform - Silver, Gold Futures Drop as Soros Reported to Have Sold - Did information from waterboarding help Obama catch UBL? - Al Jazeera, the White Houses favorite News Channel, says Bin Laden death a 'murder' - Bush Declines Obama’s Invite to Ground Zero - CA May Hire Internet Sales Tax Police To Monitor Online Shopping - Obama's Treasury suggests $2 trillion debt cap raise or we all die... - Big Government Spending Bringing Poverty. DOLLAR HITS 3 YEAR LOW... 1 IN 7 ON FOOD STAMPS! Job numbers disappoint... -

Index: May 3, 2011, Do you believe the official story on why Obama wanted Osama killed and not captured? - Will Muslims Barbarians Seek Revenge On USA?,  Is Obama a War Criminal?,  When Will Obama Stop Killing USA Military In Afghanistan?, World Questions Obama's Killing of Osama,  Why Are Media and Obama Using Misdirection on THE PHOTO?, Obama's Killing Of Osama Does Not Improve His Ratings,  More News About Osama's Death,  How Long Does DNA Testing Take?,  Obama killed Osama and disposed of the body. Why?,  60 Muslim Terrorists attacks, Obama Got Osama - but he's not Captain America Yet,  ALERT: Islamic Terrorists

Index: April 30, 2011 - Will Muslims Barbarians Seek Revenge On USA?,  60 Muslim Terrorists attacks, Obama Got Osama - but he's not Captain America Yet,  ALERT: Islamic Terrorists Attacks May Come After Osama's Death,  Many poor people are convinced to remain poor by rich liberal Democrats and professional class agitators,  Not all public sector unions support socialist democrats, Killing brings anger, relief in Arab world... Musharraf: Mission violated Pakistan... Hamas condemns killing of 'holy warrior'... WIKILEAKS: Al Qaeda to unleash 'nuclear hellstorm' if Osama killed... FEAR: Security Tightened at NY Airports, World Trade Center Site... U.S. issues worldwide travel alert... Chemical Biological Response Team Recalled from Japan... Taliban commander vows to avenge death... USA 'Faces Broad Terror Threat'... -

Index: April 29, 2011, DO THE PROTESTING ANTI-USA STUDENTS IN ARIZONA HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON? - Rep Allen West takes the high road,  Did Leftist Hollywood Kill Atlas Shrugged?,  Restore Traditional USA Values In The Constitution, Will Huckabee run?,  Liberal Educators Indoctrination of our Children, Help For The Storm Victims,  Have You Hear About This?,  May Day Latino Riot In Los Angeles?,  Support Governor Scott's Florida State Budget Proposal ,  ANOTHER RACIAL BEATDOWN AT MCDONALDS , Stand with the USO,  Even Liberal Massachusetts Know Unions Are Dangerous,  Become Obama's Facebook Friend,  Birth Certificate Conflicts, See how Mr. West handles profane liberal protesters at a town hall meetings - The 'Atlas Shrugged' message has been told in Part 1, and it will be told in Parts 2 and 3 - Restore the 10th Amendment and Limited Federal Government - Huckabee will need to explain a lot of his actions as Governor - Liberal Educators have taught students to support sharing other people's wealth, but not their own money - Storms have devastated the southeast United States - You Can Help and Get Help here - The Cheney/Rumsfeld/ Silverstein cocktail is more powerful than an Iranian nuclear weapon - Juan Gutierrez, president of an illegal alien activist group (Vamos Unidos) wants hundreds of thousands of people to 'march, demanding legalization for illegal immigrants. -

Index: April 28, 2011, Who Won, Trump and Corsi or President Obama? - Obama: Running on an Empty Tank ,  Contemporary Liberalism Is Dead,  Who steals more Middle Class Wealth than Federal politicians? Federal and quasi federal bureaucrats, Obamanomics Attack On The Rich Hurts Middle Class Businesses and Home Owners In Gated Communities,  Storm death toll rises to 248 in South and Global Warmists Remain Silent, Obama and socialist politicians want more spending,  Obama Administration's Support Of Big Unions Is Disturbing Voters,  Government Worker Molesting For Taxpayer Dollars,  Trump Wins Praise For Birth Certificate,  Glenn Beck Again Right On Inflation, Limited Government Can Kill Obamacare,  Obama troubles as leader, author and president,  Obama Birth Certificate Problems,  Investigating Leftist Educators at U. of Iowa, Happy Birth Certificate, Mr. President - Who steals more Middle Class Wealth than Federal politicians? Federal and quasi federal bureaucrats. - The Biggest Legalized Theft of Middle Class American Wealth - ZRATicle4b - Violent Tornadoes Devastate Southern USA and Global Warmists Do Not Know Who To Blame - Democrats don't resent 'the rich' on behalf of the poor. They resent the rich on behalf of the big government's big spenders - NLRB May Be Fighting a Losing Battle - Touching Miss USA Vaginas earns taxpayer money and benefits for TSA public sector workers -

Index: April 27, 2011, Why Did Obama Wait So Long To Produce His Long Form Birth Certificate - See Obama's Newest Birth Certificate,  Bernanke Agrees With Beck and S&P,  Nader To Challenge Obama, Is Obama's Birth Certificate a Forgery?,  News About Obama's Newly Found Birth Certificate, NYC savages Attack Chinese Delivery Man,  Obama Birth Certificate is NOT a forgery,  Obama Born By A Woman Just Like Jesus,  Why Did Obama Finally Release His Birth Certificate?,  Question Obama's Birth Certificate and You Are A Racist, Leftwinger to head Pentagon,  Obama Abandons Syrian Humanity,  Liberals Fight To Stop Politicians Discussing Government Overspending,  Get $100 For Your Opinion, Click here to see the birth certificate now on the web - The deficit is unsustainable. Politicians must cut programs - Since no Democrat is interested, Nader Plots Obama Primary Challenge - Initial Investigation of Obama's Newest Birth Certificate Yields Some Anomalies - IS IT REAL? TRUMP TAKES CREDIT... - Brutal Attack On Food Deliveryman Caught On Tape In Morningside Heights - I know this in my heart, but do not ask me to prove it - Our analysis of the latest controversy: The original birth certificate was probably in a ‘negative’ form, and someone at the White House doctored it -

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