AMERITOPIA: The "liberal" Democrats promise of paradise for government workers. In Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America Levin asks, what is this utopian force that both allures a free people and destroys them? In the end, Levinís message is clear: The American republic is in great peril. The people must now choose between utopianism or liberty.   Click here see Americans For Anyone But Obama

Brain Washing Instructions. How to re-educate the politically incorrect tea party people and young conservatives.   Click here  Also visit the tea party rehabilitation center on facebook Tea Party Informer's Center - Report others or yourself (Lincoln Jones is administrator)

Brew It Yourself. Prepare yourself for the day when socialism and Obamanomics bring down our nation's ability to ship the wine and beer you like.   Click here for continuation and details see Obamanomics - financial news 

Cigarettes and Tobacco may be in short supply - or even more costly - when the Obamanation decides your habit must be stopped. Cigarettes have several problems that make it easy for governments to ignore your right to persue happiness by smoking. First, most people do not like the stench of smoke. So, normal people will not come to your defense when the government knocks on your door. Secondly, the politicians see raising your smoking taxes as being a "sin tax" everyone supports. Thirdly, the government will need to reduce the cost of "free" medical costs and stopping your smoking is one way they can do it.   Click here for continuation and details see Big Government Follies (Lincoln Jones is administrator, and Lincoln has never banned anyone.)

Colon Cleaner can help. Do you know someone, perhaps a politician, who is FULL OF IT? Send the politician some colon cleanser. If you have a physical need for colon cleaner, use it and send the empty bottle to your politician.. It's time for a colon cleaner click here to continue see  Leftist, Liberal and Progressives lies, hypocrisy and violence   (Lincoln Jones is administrator)

Eyes can be healthier and better looking, but don't wait for Obamacare.   Click here for beautiful eyes, just like Rahm Emanuel's.   Also see
Make Money Stopping Obama

Eye Glasses might help you read the pages in our politicians new laws - like Obamacare. But, eyeglasses are not enough for our lazy representatives and congressmen to read their own laws, so glasses may help you, but it won't help lazy politicians.   Click here
Also, with your new eyeglasses see Americans For Anyone But Obama -

When the going gets tough for President Obama, Obama goes golfing. Don't fight him, Join him.   Click here for details Just don't plan to play golf on May Day, when all the losers who support Obama will be on strike.  See May Day General Strike for Occupiers  (Lincoln Jones is administrator)

Your health is your responsibility. Don't count on Obamacare or politicians to meet your healthcare needs.
For health without Obamacare, click here
If you want to tell the media and politicians what you think about the government controlling your health,  Take Action Now by contacting politicians, the media and others with your concerns.

Loans??? Now that the Obama Administration has improved the economy so much, most of us are working and earning lots of money. For the few who may not be yet be covered with Obama riches, here's a subprime personal loan you might need. CashNetUSA funded more than 4 million loans to consumers in over 31 U.S. states to date (Now in VA and TN). Their cash advance services provide customers with loans ranging from $100 up to $1,500!  
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Natural Pain Relief of Arthritis and Back Pain, but not marxist destruction. This Pain Relief may help relieve your physical aches and pains, but it cannot relieve the pain of Obama and socialism.

Spying for Obama is a noble thing. Get a wireless hunter and detector to spy on your family, neighbors and all those who Oppose Obama's Marxism.  Click here for details

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