Career Government politicians have ended their CAMPAIGN OF PAIN, laughingly described as a (Government Shutdown). But, as can be expected from our elite political class, the problem has not gone away. The elite political class will have another chance to inflict pain in just a few months, when a new Debt Limit "crisis" and Continuing Resolution "crisis" arises at the beginning of 2014. Again, expect to be lied to by media liars and political liars. You will be told that the United States of America will default on the Full Faith and Credit of our nation. Our readers already know this is not possible - UNLESS President Obama intentionally wants to destroy out nation's economy. Our nation has more than enough tax revenues to pay all of our debt interest, Social Security, Medicare, our military and other important obligations. President Obama and career politicians are already working to make you understand this - Taxpayers must be willing to give the politicians all they want - or YOU will be made to suffer another CAMPAIGN OF PAIN.
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Career Government politicians, 'liberal' Democrats and our Glorious Leader - Obama - have called of the of the politicians CAMPAIGN OF PAIN against U.S. citizens. President Obama signed a House and Senate bill ending the CAMPAIGN OF PAIN (the hysterically mislabeled "Government Shutdown"). The legislation will continue BIG government spending until mid-January.  It extends the Obama Administration's Treasury’s borrowing authority until mid-February. In other words, the politicians used the CAMPAIGN OF PAIN to get what they wanted - but we'll return to the same fake panic in a few months.

Americans can take comfort knowing the CAMPAIGN OF PAIN is temporarily suspended. National Parks are open, panda cam is back online, government workers will be paid for taking a vacation for two weeks, the political elite class will still get special benefits for Obamacare and the government will not need to spend still more money to pay its troops to create pain. As for you - you better sign up for Obamacare OR ELSE. Prepare for coming government economic reports that will show how terrible and crushing the "shutdown" was.  The political class's workers are working hard to compile data and preparing the releases to show the statistics proving we must all obey any Obama demands for additional money. Right now reports including the Beige Book and ADP say labor market conditions are little changed from last month’s gloomy conditions.

Also see Continuing Resolution

Also see Jack Lew threatens to harm the Good Faith and Credit of our nation, if Obama does not get all the money he wants from today's and tomorrow's tax payers.
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Also see Stopping debt limit increases can never shut down the government.
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Continuing Resolution
Congress uses an annual appropriations process to fund the routine activities of most federal agencies. This process anticipates the completion of 12 regular appropriations bills to fund these activities before the beginning of the fiscal year. Over the past half century, the timing of congressional action on regular appropriations bills has varied considerably, but has became worse when the Democrats took over the White House and the Senate - and NO budgets were passed.  Without appropriations being done, one or more continuing appropriations acts (commonly known as a continuing resolution or CR) can be used to provide funding for a specified period of time.

Under recent congressional practice, continuing resolutions typically include as many as six main components. First, CRs provide funding for certain activities, which are typically specified with reference to prior fiscal year’s appropriations acts. This is referred to in this report as the CRs coverage. Second, CRs provide budget authority for a specified duration of time. This duration may be as short as a single day, or as long as the remainder of the fiscal year. Third, CRs typically provide funds based on an overall funding rate. Fourth, the use of budget authority provided in the CR is typically prohibited for new activities not funded in the previous fiscal year. Fifth, the duration and amount of funds in the CR, and purposes for which they may be used for specified activities, may be adjusted through anomalies. Sixth, legislative provisions, which create, amend, or extend other laws, have been included in some instances.

Between FY1977 and FY2012, excluding the four fiscal years that all appropriations were enacted on time, over half of the regular appropriations bills for a fiscal year were enacted on time in only one instance (FY1978). In all other fiscal years, fewer than six regular appropriations acts were enacted on or before October 1. In addition, in 11 out of the 36 years during this period, none of these regular appropriations bills were enacted prior to the start of the fiscal year. Five of these fiscal years have occurred in the interval since FY2001. For further information, see Table 1 of Continuing Resolution 

In the interval since FY1997, the most recent fiscal year that all regular appropriations bills were completed on time, continuing resolutions have been enacted on average about six times per fiscal year. During this period, CRs provided funding for an average of four months each fiscal year. For further information, see Table 2 and Figure 1 of Continuing Resolution 

Congress has employed full-year continuing resolutions on a number of occasions. For each of the 11 fiscal years covering FY1978-FY1988, Congress enacted a full-year CR covering at least one regular appropriations act. Three years later, Congress enacted another full-year CR, for FY1992. Most recently, full-year CRs were enacted for FY2007 and FY2011. The budget authority in these full-year CRs was also provided in different forms. The nine full-year CRs for FY1980 through FY1984, FY1992, FY2007, and FY2011, included formulaic provisions that provided funding for at least one of the covered appropriations acts. The full-year CRs for FY1985 through FY1988, by contrast, did not use formulaic provisions but instead specified amounts for each account. For further information, see Table 3 of Continuing Resolution 

For a list of all continuing resolutions enacted since FY1977, see Table 4 at the end of this report. 

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