Celebrate Sodomite Pride Day.  A rainbow flag, symbolizing sodomite pride, is being flown over the Connecticut governorís official residence in Hartford.  The flag was raised Wednesday after the U.S. Supreme Court voted to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act. Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has been a strong proponent of same-sex marriage and sodomite's rights. He hosted a gay wedding last weekend at the residence for one of his top advisers.  Join your sodomite friends for a day of festivities outside the Governor's mansion.  He supports sodomy.  Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/SodomitePrideDay.htm

Andy Done, you accused me of using "hate speech." I demand you show me what "hate speech" I used, or apologize.

Did you think it was me, rather than Paul Ostwick who wrote ... "you fucking idiot. sheesh. go get an education."
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Did you think it was me rather than Jeffrey Dustin Montana who wrote, " Whoever runs this website seems to be a huge wackjob."