Protests against BIG government's BIG spenders turn into violent riots. Barack Obama goes to Africa as his popularity dips. 'Liberal' Democrats fat cat's corporate contributors line up behind legalizing illegals. Zimmerman may get fair trial. Details at 

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Illegal Alien Scandal

Illegal Alien drug smugglers impersonate federal agents to evade capture, but after the immigration bill is signed all these illegal aliens will be legalized aliens, thanks to the politicians we elected to represent us.

Obama and the 'liberal' fat cat's corporate contributors line up behind immigration bill.  It will let them pay lower wages to the now 'legalized' aliens.

Big Government Scandal

Our overpaid politicians, government workers and elitist government parasites (lawyers, 'public interest' groups, etc.) have not suffered from the 'sequester' or any government cuts.  Maryland, Virginia, D.C. escaped the government spending cuts, which probably has nothing to do with them being involved in BUG government vocations.

Brazilians' protests again BIG government's BIG spenders turn into violent rioters.  U.S. protests against BIG government remain peaceful tea party demonstrations, even though tea party people are called extremists, anarchist and terrorists by 'liberal' Democratic Party haters like Harry Reid, Janet Napolitano and Joey Biden.


Rousseff breaks silence on protests.  Rousseff, a former leftist guerrilla who was tortured under Brazil's long military dictatorship, made a televised 10-minute appearance on Friday backing the right to peaceful protest but sharply condemning violence, vandalism and looting against the BIG socialist government.

Love and Panic on the streets of Sao Paulo as opposition to BIG government is shown.

Brazil stuns world with angry undercurrent.  How can anyone be opposed to big government?

George Zimmerman may get fair trial. 
The Judge in Zimmerman's trial rules out pseudo-scientific voice analysis of the 911 call, which some voice analysis 'experts' claimed showed Trayvon begging for his life.

Barack Obama goes to Africa as his popularity dips
As U.S. citizens gain more information, Barrack Obama polls slump to 44%.  Finally, the majority of Americans are seeing Obama for what he is.

Costs of the luxury vacation ($100 million) are overshadowing agenda as the president heads for Africa.

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