Immigration Bill Has Toothless Border Security. Obama's Spy Power can't grab Snowden. Zimmerman trial starts. Hillary Clinton's Presidential Run Starts. . Details at 
Washington Senate Politicians prove they have been bought off and will now immediately make all illegal aliens 'legal' visitors, if they can fool the House members.
NSA spying cannot get its man.
Welcome to the Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential propaganda.
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Officials, with all of their massive NSA spying power, struggle to explain how Snowden got away. Details at

Russia defiant to Obama on Snowden; USA raises pressure according to the inept Obama Administration. Details at

Reporters chasing Snowden get stranded on plane bound for Cuba. Details at

Where Snowden was to be there was only an empty seat. Details at

WIKILEAKS Goes Country Shopping, trying to find the place for Snowden to settle down. Details at

Citizens sign White House petition to pardon Snowden.  Signatures passes White House threshold and SHOULD be considered by the White House. Details at

IRS scandal investigation proves Tea Party and Christian Targeting Was Broader, Lasted Longer Than Previously Reported by the deceptive Obama Administration. Details at


Prosecutor misinforms jury, claiming Zimmerman referred to Trayvon as one of those "F***ING PUNKS. THESE A**HOLES".
Details at

FEMALE JUDGE has a FEMALE JURY all of whom say they never heard of George Zimmerman.
Details at

Zimmerman's parents barred from courtroom, but Judge allows Trayvon's parents to attend.  Trayvon's parents are scheduled to appear to testify to their son's angelic nature.
Details at

LIVE Coverage of the Zimmerman trial.
Details at

Welcome to the Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential propaganda.  Details at

Only 921 days left to save Hillary's reputation.  Can the woman who killed 4 in Benghazi become president? Can the woman who lied about Benghazi become our first woman president?  Will the media and everyone else forget the sex scandals in Hillary's term as Secretary of Sate? Details at

Is Hillary's willingness to run for president just a way of paving way for Chelsea? Details at

Washington Senate Politicians prove they have been bought off and will now immediately make all illegal aliens 'legal' visitors, if they can fool the House members. Details at

SENATE TO VOTE ON IMMIGRATION BILL BEFORE READING IT.  The Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) didn't work out too well, but our arrogant Semators are going to again pass a major bill without knowing what is in it. Details at

The NEWER, BETTER, Instant legalization immigration program will give Hong Kong Access to the US Visa Waiver Program. Details at

Il  American citizens have elected politicians who - if the "instant Legalization: passes, means former illlegals face lesser punishment than U.S. citizens for crimes they have committed.  ALL HAIL DIVERSITY and AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Details at

Now Would you believe your politicians slipped into the immigration plan ANOTHER Obama stimulus program? Details at

Hispanic influx could break USA into 'two countries', one speaking and reading only English - the other speaking and reading Spanish. Will 'liberal' diversity madness destroy our nation?. Details at

Napolitano, the trustworthy Obama Administration's Department of Security leader, has authority to nix border fence and any other security measure the politicians tell you are in the legislation. Details at

Harry Reid and Nevada's Heller Slip Into the Immigration Bill Las Vegas Tourism Pork Handout. Details at

Senator Rand Paul, who wanted true immigration reform WITH BORDER SECURITY, now stands against the Senate's abomination. Details at

Paul Predicts toothless border security immigration plan Doomed in House. Details at

Senator Sessions feel Opposition will grow to the immigration bill with toothless promises of security. Details at

Schumer predicts mass demonstrations, if we do not immediately legalize all illegals. Details at
Details at

Immigration Rights Activist Arrested For Robbing 19 Banks while arguing for more criminal illegal aliens. Details at

Wikileaks extra material
Illegal aliens extra material
Brazil's government extra material
George Zimmerman extra material
Hillary Clinton extra material
Political Scandals extra material

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Obama and 'liberal' Democrats Scandalorama Scandal. Obama and the 'liberal' Democrat's Obama and 'liberal' Democrats Scandalorama scandal involves The Spying Scandal, Benghazigate, The IRS scandal, the Obama family's scandalous luxurious vacations and much more. Details at

Benghazi Scandal. Obama and the 'liberal' Democrat's Benghazi scandal involves deaths, lies, deceptions and media bias. Details at

Illegal Alien Scandal. Obama and the 'liberal' Democrat's Illegal Alien scandal involves legalizing every illegal alien, by pretending that making these illegal aliens "legal" will add to our nation's wealth. Details at

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