Global Warming Hoax is back, along with sexual deviant Anthony Weiner. Putin disrespects Obama on Snowden. IRS scandal over says IRS  Immigration Bill Scandal Expands. Democratic Party Voter Fraud Takes Setback. Details at  
Global Warming Hoax is back, along with sexual deviant Anthony Weiner.
Putin disrespects Obama on Snowden.
IRS scandal over says IRS  
Immigration Bill Scandal Expands
Democratic Party Voter Fraud Takes Setback
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Obama to cut emissions in vow to save planet. The scientifically illiterate president uses anecdotal evidence to PROVE our globe is warming up due to evil US citizens.  Details at

Obama disparages real scientists by saying 'We don't have time for meeting of Flat Earth Society'. Details at

Al Gore, the inventor of the Global Warming hoax is excited by Obama's 'Historic' repackaging of the Global Warming Hoax as the newer and better CLIMATE CHANGE hoax. Details at

NSA scandal Details at

PUTIN, with whom Obama says he can do business, now HARBORS COMRADE SNOWDEN Details at

Putin says NYET! Details at

Kerry was not crying when he said "US wants no confrontation with Russia." Details at


China paper praises all who are 'tearing off Obama's DC's sanctimonious mask'. Details at

BOOK: KGB operation seeded Muslim world with anti-U.S. fervor. Details at

Ecuador's top secret spying program revealed. Details at

Snowden sent encrypted digital copies of NSA files to others. Details at

Sexual deviant Anthony Weiner THRUSTS INTO LEAD as the Liberal Democrats choice for NYC Mayor!  
Details at

The IRS Scandal is now over - according to the IRS.  The IRS has investigated itself and the IRS now says no IRS person did anything wrong.  Details at

Inspector General finds IRS CREDIT CARDS were USED FOR WINE and PORNOGRAPHY. Details at

The IRS has also been using your taxes to buy Kazoos, Stuffed Animals and Nerf footballs. Details at

Here's why the IRS Scandal Needs Special Prosecutor. Details at

Immigration Bill Scandal Expands. Details at

5 arrogant and ignorant Senators Who Support 1,200 Page Immigration Bill Don't Know Answer To Key Question About It. Who elected these dimwits?  Details at

Harry 'the hater' Reid moves to end debate before more citizens wise up to the amnesty given to all illegal aliens immediately. Details at

Ryan feels the new immigration laws security measures will fool many and make it 'Even more likely' the bill will pass House. Details at

Rand Paul explains why this new immigration amnesty bill Gives Too Much Power To President. Details at

Democratic Party Voter Fraud Takes cruel blow from the Supreme Court. Details at

Details at

OBAMA: 'DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED'. How can Democrats win without voter fraud? Details at

JESSE JACKSON: 'Devastating blow' to rule by 'liberal' Democrats. Details at

Democratic hate mongers make racial attacks on Clarence Thomas smearing him as 'Uncle Thomas'.
Details at

Democratic National Committee uses decsion to solicit more cash from low-information voters.
Details at

Texas Attorney General implements voter ID immediately after decision. What happens when paid Democratic Party people show up to vote and can't prove who they are? Details at

Immigration Policy extra material
African Holidays extra material
Internal Revenue Service extra material
George Zimmerman extra material
Global Warming extra material
Political Scandals extra material

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Obama and 'liberal' Democrats Scandalorama Scandal. Obama and the 'liberal' Democrat's Obama and 'liberal' Democrats Scandalorama scandal involves The Spying Scandal, Benghazigate, The IRS scandal, the Obama family's scandalous luxurious vacations and much more. Details at

Benghazi Scandal. Obama and the 'liberal' Democrat's Benghazi scandal involves deaths, lies, deceptions and media bias. Details at

Illegal Alien Scandal. Obama and the 'liberal' Democrat's Illegal Alien scandal involves legalizing every illegal alien, by pretending that making these illegal aliens "legal" will add to our nation's wealth. Details at

IRS Scandal. Obama and the 'liberal' Democrat's IRS scandal involves vile IRS employees using their power to attack those opposed to Obama and 'liberal' Democrats. Details at

National Spying Agency (NSA) Scandal. Obama and the 'liberal' Democrat's National Spying Agency (NSA) scandal involves keeping track of every phone call, email, postal mail and Internet comment you have ever made, and then lying about it.

Vacation's Scandal. Obama Vacation's scandal involves his lavish use of taxpayer money to fund his family's private vacations, while asking others to share in the pain of our nation's economic problems.

War On Religion Scandal. Obama and the 'liberal' Democrat's War On Religion scandal involves 'Liberal' Democrats attacks as well as attacks by big government socialist government across the globe.


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