George Zimmerman Trial Goes Bad For The Prosecution. Democrats celebrate Sodomy and promise more coming.
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George Zimmerman
Prosecution Witness supports Zimmerman by saying Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman, punching him.
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State's star witnesses are proving 'more effective for Zimmerman's defense'.
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Black Racism
Racist blacks and 'liberal' Democrats call Trayvon's death a CRACKER CRIME.
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Learn why Black People Understand and accept Rachel Jeantel's racism.
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'What White People Don't Understand' is that all blacks have the right to be racist haters.
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Paul Deen Cookbooks
SALON: The smearing goes on.
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SHOW TRIAL becomes showplace of black racism.
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Zimmerman Acquittal won't be accepted by 'liberals' who suggest Race Riots to pay back white devils.
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Sodomy and Sodomites
BIDEN cheers sodomite's victory and promises America 'on verge' of going 'even further' on gay marriage.
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Celebrate Sodomite Pride Day.

Black Racism extra material
Sodomy and Sodomites extra material
History of Gay Marriage extra material
George Zimmerman extra material
Black Panthers extra material
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