Housing Market Could Collapse,
Would Stalin have loved Obamacare? Probably.
Schumer warns Republicans to legalize illegals OR ELSE,
Obama's Spying Scandal Outrages Europeans,
Racism in the Zimmerman trial. 
Egyptian Protests get worse.

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Housing Market Could Collapse  The media hypes the housing market news, but there's another housing bubble on the horizon.  The FHA is swamped by defaults and will soon need even more taxpayer money to keep the housing market artificially inflated. Obama's highest paid appointee is the man who is destroying the USA housing market. Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm

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Would Stalin have loved Obamacare? Probably.  Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm
"One of history’s worst butchers, Josef Stalin, is rumored to have said that, “The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.”  Sadly, there’s probably some truth in that statement.  I’ve shared a bunch of horror stories about the U.K.’s government-run healthcare system (see here, here, here,here, here, herehereherehereherehereherehere, here and here) and I challenge you to read them without feeling some mix of anger, sadness, despair, and disgust." Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm

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Schumer warns Republicans to legalize illegals OR ELSE Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm
NYC's liberal Democratic Senator, Chuck Schumer, is warning the Republican Party that it will be dead if it does not immediately legalize all illegal aliens. Who believes Chuck Schumer is really worried about the death of the Republican Party?
Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm

Obama's Spying Scandal Outrages Europeans Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm
Details at

EU Official Questions Trade Negotiations with an Obama Administration that cannot be trusted. Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm

'Deeply worried and shocked' Europeans lose faith in Obama's Administration.  The Obama administration faced a breakdown in confidence Sunday from key foreign allies who threatened investigations and sanctions against the U.S. over secret surveillance programs that reportedly installed covert listening devices in European Union offices. Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm

Germany compares to Obama's secret spying attacks to the 'Cold War'. Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm

German Prosecutors To Review Allegations that Obama's intelligence agency has conducted massive spying against German citizens. A first formal complaint has already been lodged in one city. Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm

'We Germans aren't willing to trade in liberty for potentially better security', an traditional Americans will not make this trade either - once they find out about big government spying. Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm

Income Tax Protection from the Timothy Geithner Memorial Store

Racism in the Zimmerman trial  Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm

'How Rachel Jeantel went from star witness to train wreck'. Why don't all Americans love racist black women?
Details at
http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm .

Prosecution Witness says Trayvon on Top, Punching Zimmerman 'Ground and Pound' Style. This may upset the black racists and 'liberals' who still think Trayvon was an innocent 12 year old boy.   Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm

KEY MOMENTS FROM ZIMMERMAN TRAIL WEEK 1.   Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm

Egyptian Protests get worse.   Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm

Egyptian Protesters gather to demand Obama's Muslim Brotherhood Pal, Morsi's, be ousted.  Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm

Egyptians Pour Into Streets to end Muslim Brotherhood's ineptness and barbarism.  Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm

Muslim Brotherhood headquarters attacked, will Obama send in the troops to save the Muslim Brotherhood? Obama is surrounded in the White House with Muslim Brotherhood people.  Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm

Return of the revolution?  Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/20130630.htm

Immigration Policy extra material
Freedom and Security extra material
Housing Market extra material
George Zimmerman extra material
Black Racism extra material
Political Scandals extra material

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Obama and 'liberal' Democrats Scandalorama Scandal. Obama and the 'liberal' Democrat's Obama and 'liberal' Democrats Scandalorama scandal involves The Spying Scandal, Benghazigate, The IRS scandal, the Obama family's scandalous luxurious vacations and much more. Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/ScandalObama.htm

Benghazi Scandal. Obama and the 'liberal' Democrat's Benghazi scandal involves deaths, lies, deceptions and media bias. Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/Benghaziscandal.htm

Illegal Alien Scandal. Obama and the 'liberal' Democrat's Illegal Alien scandal involves legalizing every illegal alien, by pretending that making these illegal aliens "legal" will add to our nation's wealth. Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/Immigrationscandal.htm

IRS Scandal. Obama and the 'liberal' Democrat's IRS scandal involves vile IRS employees using their power to attack those opposed to Obama and 'liberal' Democrats. Details at http://boomerspeaks.com/IRSscandal.htm

National Spying Agency (NSA) Scandal. Obama and the 'liberal' Democrat's National Spying Agency (NSA) scandal involves keeping track of every phone call, email, postal mail and Internet comment you have ever made, and then lying about it.

Vacation's Scandal. Obama Vacation's scandal involves his lavish use of taxpayer money to fund his family's private vacations, while asking others to share in the pain of our nation's economic problems.

War On Religion Scandal. Obama and the 'liberal' Democrat's War On Religion scandal involves 'Liberal' Democrats attacks as well as attacks by big government socialist government across the globe.

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